Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling | Tutorial

How could I not make a solid tutorial of THE summer hit of 2016 -Justin’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling”- when it holds such an extensive amount of funk, groove, fresh- and tightness, mainly because of its killer bassline?

Yes I know. I’m a bit on the late side with publishing this one. Sorry for that. However, I felt it needed to be done still, since I have been obsessing over the insane bass groove in this tune, which I felt would be an awesome addition to the left hand groove practice tutorials here on Piano Couture.

Ever since I first heard Can’t Stop The Feeling, I’ve had the feeling that the freshness of this tune reminds me of a similar sound and style, so I wasn’t the least bit surpirsed when I found out it’s been produced by the same dude responsible for another recent monster-groover: the Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” (which explains the corresponding bass extravaganza): Max Martin.
Nice little extra fact here: this guy is currently the number three songwriter with most number one singles on the Billboard hot 100 chart of all time, behind – mind you – John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Ok, so Justin: cool & talented. Max: maybe even more so. Combination: you know you love this song. It’s hard not to.

Wanna know how to play it?

This week I decided to -for clarity’s sake- make a split video again. The first shows the chords of the entire song, played in a super easy version so that everybody can learn and play the entire structure of the song.

The second video AND the tutorial pack (sheets & MIDI) are added to the Couturians’ Lounge and can be found in its Song Learner Area, as this months FREE entry.
So yeah, both the second video and the tutorial pack (sheets & MIDI) are in there and entirely FREE.

If you wanna get that, just make sure you’re [popup type="iframe" link_text="subscribed for a free profile" href="https://piano-couture.com/join-library/" /] (not yet subscribed, you can do that [popup type="iframe" link_text="here" href="https://piano-couture.com/join-library/" /] – it’s free) and access the full lesson here (will be released JULY 27th)

In this weeks tutorial I’ll show you:

  • How to play all chords of this song in a super basic, easy version (no patterns), which is in fact the entire structure of the song.
  • How in the pre-chorus Justin uses the dreamy – resolving sound of “sus” chords resolving to the regular triad.
  • How to explain the same triad in the right hand, from various different bass notes.
  • How yet again, something can sound so cool, with so little chords.

Hope you like it!

“Used Chords” Sheet Below the Video.

Cheers, Coen.





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Can't Stop the feeling basic Used Chords

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