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Stop This Train might very well be my favorite song of all time. Wait. Haven’t I said that before? Well anyway, it’s enough for me to have put in about 20 hours of work to make this Stop This Train piano tutorial - which has become a real shiner. Hi Guys! Back in the day ... Read more

Maroon 5's This Love was the hit that first brought them fame. It's also their best song to date. Hi Guys! I remember when I first heard Maroon 5's first mega hit song "This Love." I was working at an ice cream parlor, saving up for what would be an awesome next year filled with ... Read more

Your Song by Elton John is one of the benchmark songs of Pop-Piano, placing Piano-driven pop songs firmly on the map. In this tutorial you'll learn the exact piano parts as per played on the record by Sir Elton John himself. And a few variations taken from some of his live renditions of Your Song. ... Read more

Feel it Still might very well be the best song of 2017. Heck. Portugal the Man might be the very best band we've seen enter the charts in years! What a track. I definitely feel it still. Hi Guys! How's it going? It was in fact my girlfriend who notified me of a "new song ... Read more

In this tutorial I'll show you one of the most-viewed acoustic tracks of John Mayer's show "where the light is" - his hauntingly beautiful performance of Tom Petty's Free Fallin' Hi Guys! How's it going? Free Fallin' is an immensely popular song from John Mayer's "Where the light is." A live CD/DVD where John shows ... Read more

Roses by Outkast might just have one of the most awesome piano intros out there. In this lesson we’ll break down that exact piano intro, chord by chord, lick by lick. Hi Guys! What's up? When I myself first heard the tune Roses by Outkast, I couldn't play piano yet. I recall that moment quite ... Read more

Billy Joel's "She's Always A Woman" is yet again a perfect embodiment of how to play piano by chords ear and heart. Hi Guys! How's it going? Due to the grand success and enthusiasm displayed regarding the previous Billy Joel lesson, another one of his that maybe even holds my personal preference in terms of ... Read more

Probably the most iconic piano song of all time. Billy Joel's classic "Piano Man" uses hints of Jazz, Blues and Pop-Piano and is an embodiment of Piano Couture's chordal approach to playing piano. Hi Guys! What's up? In a time that's both super-exciting and utterly rough (more in-depth personal story in the newsletter and to ... Read more

Ed Sheeran's Shape of You might be one of the easiest songs you've wanted to learn lately. However, in this sub-5 minute tutorial I'll also show a couple of alternative ways to play this 4 chord loop - perfect for you beginners looking to get some tips on how to "body-up" your chords Hi Guys! ... Read more

James Arthur Say You Won't Let Go

If you're looking to learn how to play the beautiful "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur on piano - this is your post. Hi Guys! How's it going? This week finally another song tutorial. Has been a while, since I did one of those. This in the light of shifting more towards the ... Read more

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