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hack the piano

Play modern piano accompaniments...

... that sound like taken straight off your favorite record, without ever needing sheet-music
- by Chords, by Ear, by Heart.

Step 1 | Identify

Read the


the original pop-piano method 

For: Elementary - Intermediate+
The Fundamentals Of Modern Piano Accompaniment
By Chords. By Ear. By Heart.

Hack the Piano is the ultimate playbook for (aspiring) singers, songwriters, producers & keyboardists; ranging from in-home hobbyists entertaining themselves, friends & family; to professional musicians in-the-making.

Step 2 | Ignite

Join the


the chord-piano jumpstart 

For: Beginner - Intermediate+
Chord Piano On-Ramp Training

Ignite your Chord Piano journey with this 21-day, workshops-based "hold-you-by-the-hand" on-ramp to playing pop piano - by chords, ear & heart.
Includes weekly main video workshop training, exercises & accountability course.
Transition from sheets or start with chords.

Step 3 | Immerse


Piano Lingo

complete online pop-piano program 

For: Elementary - Advanced
Hack the Piano Online
The Complete Chord Piano BluePrint

A self-paced, step-by-step, on-demand online Chord Piano program. Understand how music works, play anything without sheetsby ear and by heart, copying exactly what you hear on the record or writing your very own arrangements.


Love. Learn. Live  -  The Piano Hacker's Journey


We strongly believe the overall binding factor, the reason you're here, is our love for music.
We're all fans.
However, music gets so much more interesting when you understand what's happening. Speak the language.
Everybody that plays will confirm this.



That's why we are so proud that we are currently helping over 132,000 students from all over the world learn to tame this mighty instrument.
To become musicians. 
Brothers in arms that live music, whether professionally or not.
Playing, sharing, listening and teaching.



Wherever you are in your journey, whether you're still only a lover, yet a learner or already a liver (that sounds strange), in every stage of musicianship learning is and always stays a wonderful challenge. Learning with- and from each other is even better. That's what we offer. The Pop Piano Lifestyle.You're invited to join in.


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