Piano Lingo

Piano Lingo

The Chord Piano Academy

Learn to Play Anything by fundamentally understanding how music works...

& how to apply the chord-piano tactics in a hands-on way.


Music is a language

We Teach Freedom

Normal lessons teach how to to copy one song.
Here we do things differently.
We make our students understand the musical language, by teaching its foundational concepts.

Word-like building blocks that can then be re-used in all music - so you never waist time blindly imitating, but always grow as a musician.

We call this Hacking the Piano

On Piano Lingo, you'll not just learn how it works, but also how to do it.

the no-sheets approach

piano "like a guitarist"
- By Chords. By Ear. By Heart.

Have you ever seen your favorite artist look at sheets while playing? Exactly. This is not due to some fancy trick or "talent." It is simply "the guitarists' approach" of playing music - understanding its language and saying whatever you want - by heart.

Piano Lingo hosts the chord-piano concepts, -strategies and -tactics, as well as the practical, hands-on training for implementation.

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Vast, Hands-On Learning Resources

Putting Piano Hacking Into Practice

Workshops, Q&As, Learning-Tracks, 300+ Interactive Courses & Lessons

Hack the Piano online

Hack the Piano online

Foundational Courses
Core Chord Piano Courses
Learn how music works and how to play anything you want. Over 30 courses on playing piano like a guitarist - laid out in clear Roadmaps.
level based-learning tracks

level based-learning tracks

Laid out collections of foundational chord piano courses.
Hands-on Masterclass sessions

Hands-on Masterclass sessions

Live- and recorded, 1-2 hour sessions putting a hybrid of chord piano concepts into practice.
Premium Tutorials

Premium Tutorials

Song Courses
Apply the core concepts to learn your favorite tunes - animated and taught in typical Piano Couture / Piano Lingo style.
Animated playthroughs

Animated playthroughs

When you understand music, you can learn by recognition.


Practice Room
Practice Room
Improve your skills while earning points to unlock cool extras.

Coen Modder

Roland-featured author/instructor
Founder of Piano Couture & Piano Lingo
Creator of the Hack the Piano Method

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Coen.

I love to play the piano, sing, write, stay fit, eat, be healthy and take unconventional approaches and chances in life while teaching others how to do the same.
At age 17, I taught myself how to play piano. 4 years later I got accepted into the Conservatory of Amsterdam (major Pop-Piano / Vocals). Over the course of 19 years of playing, I've performed on stage extensively -both solo and in multiple bands- written and recorded with many different artists, became one of the top-5 Youtube piano teachers of the world and taught over 125,000 people worldwide how to play piano by chords.


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