Elton John - Your Song | Song Tutorial

Your Song by Elton John is one of the benchmark songs of Pop-Piano, placing Piano-driven pop songs firmly on the map. In this tutorial you'll learn the exact piano parts as per played on the record by Sir Elton John himself. And a few variations taken from some of his live renditions of Your Song.

Hi Guys!

Elton is awesome. Your Song, his very first big hit, is too. It truly is one of those tunes that defined a certain sound for the piano in contemporary music. Elton, (and "Your Song") is therefore truly a grandfather, a trendsetter of our beloved Pop-Piano approach, playing by chords and patterns.

In this tutorial I'll show you:

  • How to play the exact parts of Your Song as per played by Elton John himself
  • How this is all translated and learned most conveniently through the chords & pattern approach
  • Some juiced up versions of basic triads combined with cool, typical "Elton"-style patterns

Have fun learning how to play "Your Song" on piano!



Now not only the first part of this tutorial, but the second (chorus) half is here, available for free too.

Also - for the first week after publication of this second half I'm giving away the full Premium Chord sheet, with chords and voicings for all parts of the song included away for free.

So if you're here prior to Friday October 22nd, 2021, you can grab it for free below the video!
(after that date you can still get it for only €1)

Elton John | Your Song PART 1

Elton John | Your Song PART 2 (Chorus)

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