the Couturian - 🌞 On Summer Updates and 🌊

JULY 23nd, 2023 “In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around, but I’ll stand my ground, and I won’t back down." - Tom Petty Hi, In this edition I got for you - a Norwegian master-musician & loop-king to #love; a John Mayer guitar-part-made-piano in CoutCam-view to both #love & #learn; and some exciting ... Read more

the Couturian - On McComb, Better Than Imagined & Pattern-Application

"Life’s what happens when you’re busy making other plans." - John Lennon Hi there! In this edition I have for you - Donny Hathaway's reincarnation(?) to #love; a hauntingly beautiful Glasper piano vamp in CoutCam view to both #love & #learn; part 2 of the multi-part tutorial for Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are" to ... Read more

the Couturian - On Hunter, Stevie W., Billy J. & Love · Learn · Live

"When you understand the language, loving becomes learning too" - Me Hi there! Welcome to this new season’s first Couturian, after our annual downtime. In this edition, I got a smooth-as-silk vocalist & wonderfull (learnable) CoutCam cover for you to #love; a multi-lesson “best-of-last-season” highlights-reel and one of the greatest piano intros of all time ... Read more

Maroon 5 - This Love | Song Tutorial

Maroon 5's This Love was the hit that first brought them fame. It's also their best song to date. Hi Guys! I remember when I first heard Maroon 5's first mega hit song "This Love." I was working at an ice cream parlor, saving up for what would be an awesome next year filled with ... Read more

Elton John - Your Song | Song Tutorial

Your Song by Elton John is one of the benchmark songs of Pop-Piano, placing Piano-driven pop songs firmly on the map. In this tutorial you'll learn the exact piano parts as per played on the record by Sir Elton John himself. And a few variations taken from some of his live renditions of Your Song. ... Read more

Outkast - Roses (Intro) | Piano Lick Galore

Roses by Outkast might just have one of the most awesome piano intros out there. In this lesson we’ll break down that exact piano intro, chord by chord, lick by lick. Hi Guys! What's up? When I myself first heard the tune Roses by Outkast, I couldn't play piano yet. I recall that moment quite ... Read more

Introduction to the Pentatonic Scale | Concept Lesson

The Pentatonic Scale might just be the most usable, recognisable and widely appreciated scale of all. Enter to find out how to understand, play and use the pentatonic scale to amaze and acquire. Mad Piano Skills, that is. Hi Guys! How's it going? Ready to dive into a highly intriguing concept? A scale that is ... Read more

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