the Couturian - On McComb, Better Than Imagined & Pattern-Application

"Life’s what happens when you’re busy making other plans." - John Lennon

Hi there!

In this edition I have for you - Donny Hathaway's reincarnation(?) to #love; a hauntingly beautiful Glasper piano vamp in CoutCam view to both #love & #learn; part 2 of the multi-part tutorial for Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are" to #learn how Billy applies Patterns to this amazing Chord progression to make them into his great keyboard part; and a new opportunity for Piano Hackers to #live.

Let’s dive in!



“What I’m listening to” is a weekly artist spotlight. Musicians that reign my personal playlist and that I think deserve a mention and some extra attention.

Artist: Frank McComb

Song Tip: Another Day (and any Donny Hathaway cover he does)

Frank, I believe (and I'm far from the only one) is our modern-day Donny Hathaway. At least, in terms of vocal / keyboard performance (I'm personally more a fan of Donny's songwriting skills).

A true virtuoso that anybody who has any affinity for soul/jazz-types of music should definitely check out.

Another day

Donny Hathaway Tribute


Playthroughs. Where #loving becomes #learning.

Robert Glasper - Better Than I Imagined | Main Piano Riff/Vamp

Some more Glasper-vibes - here's the piano vamp for his -much more recent- tune "Better than I Imagined." Loved this so much that I decided to figure it out and show it in CoutCam view.

Chords: Bbm7(9,11), Ebadd9(11)/G, F#maj13, Ebadd9(11)/G (last round Ebsus)



song tutorial

Billy Joel - Just the Way You Are | 2. Patterns

Now that we know the Chords to this brilliant tune, here's how to put them into practice and make them sound like Billy would by applying Patterns.

Missed the Chords-tutorials?

Chords Part 1

Chords Part 2 (bridge)



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