On Hunter, Stevie W., Billy J. & Love · Learn · Live

"When you understand the language, loving becomes learning too" - Me

Hi there!

Welcome to this new season’s first Couturian, after our annual downtime.

In this edition, I got a smooth-as-silk vocalist & wonderfull (learnable) CoutCam cover for you to #love; a multi-lesson “best-of-last-season” highlights-reel and one of the greatest piano intros of all time as the ROTW (riff of the week) to #learn; and one of our core ethoses explained to inspire and #live.

Let’s dive in!



“What I’m listening to” is a weekly artist spotlight. Musicians that reign my personal playlist and that I think deserve a mention and some extra attention.

Artist: Hunter Elizabeth

Song Tip: Wait For The Moment

Backwards? Nope.

I was introduced to her STUNNING - and by that I mean out-of-this-world-amazing - voice by my Scary Pockets buddies, when they featured her in their “Stories” series (bonus recommendation) singing one of my favorite VulfPeck tunes “Wait For The Moment.”

Completely blew me away.

Enjoy Hunter Elizabeth (and the great crew from Stories)



Playthroughs. Where #loving becomes #learning.

Stevie Wonder - Overjoyed | Instrumental Cover

While I already made a tutorial for this one quite a while ago, I got mesmerized by the beauty of this song again recently, and decided to give it a go.

Animated in “CoutCam” fashion for you to see exactly what I’m doing to serve as an inspiration to #learn from.

CoutCam Playthrough


song tutorial(s)


Quite a few “Part-2s” - tutorials for which the first half was already published publicly, but the second half wasn’t - were sent out last season.

Here's the wrap up:



"Of the week" - licks, riffs, vamps & more - short-snippet piano highlights.

Riff: Billy Joel's - "Just The Way You Are" Intro

Stunning piano intro from the Chord Piano master himself.

The Chords & Voicings:

The Pattern:

One Chord per measure.

Walking up from the very bottom note of the left hand voicing - breaking that up from bottom to top - to the full chord in the right hand, play the first four eighth-beats of each measure: d, a, d, RH-Chord.

The G/D -> Dsus4 melodic phrase is played on the 4th eighth' (G/D) and 6th (Dsus4) eighth' beat.

Full tutorial coming up!



Chord Piano Mastery - Piano Hacking 2.0 (teaser 1)

This year, we've been working crazy hard to build and setup our new Piano Lingo Pro community platform.

Doors will be opened for the first time in conjunction with the upcoming LIVE edition of Chord Piano Formulain January 2023.

More news soon.



from the blog

Love, Learn, Live - Skill's Joy Layer Cake

Piano Couture's core ethos.

Read what it's all "about" →

That's a wrap.




next couturian - coming up

CoutCam Features, Billy Joel Tutorial, Chord Piano Formula & Mastery, Christmas Tunes and more...

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