Dire Straits – On Every Street

Dire Straits – On Every Street is one of those songs that makes you wonder where real music has gone these days.

When I first heard the beautiful instrumental intermezzo -which later translates into the killer guitar-riff outro of this tune- I must admit there was a brief moment where I suspected angels to be peeing on my eardrums.

As the first 2:50 of the track serve as sort of an “intro” -albeit extensive and consisting of two parts that suggest a verse-chorus structure- that’s solely carried by a piano, I thought it would be cool to translate that signature instrumental part (although a bit re-harmonized, the intermezzos and outro are actually the “same” parts. A nice lesson in and of itself of how the use of different patterns, playing styles and indeed some re-harmonization can create such a derivative of a piece of music) to the keys –again-, glue ’em together and create an all-piano version. And then teach it to you, obviously.

So that’s exactly what I did.

The first part of this weeks tutorial teaches the entire vocalized “intro” of the song and the clarinet & piano instrumental intermezzo where I’ll show you:

  • How Mark Knopfler puts Slash Chords to good use.
  • How to juice up a super-basic feel, by adding in (snippets of) your own flavored pattern(s).
  • How to combine a clarinet (melody) and piano (harmony) part and still make that melody stand out in one beautiful piano arrangement.
  • How to dress-up some of the chords to color them to your taste.

The second part is a detailed break-down of my piano translation of the end-guitar riff (available in the Song Learner-area; as is the tutorial pack -sheets & MIDI-).

Have fun with Dire Straits – On Every Street!

Cheers, Coen.

On Every Street Verse 1

On Every Street Verse 2 optional am7

On Every Street Verse 3

On Every Street Verse 4

On Every Street Verse 5

On Every Street Verse 6

On Every Street Verse 7

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