Stevie Wonder is happy. Overjoyed, even!

For those of you that are progressing nicely with the course and / or chord- and pattern-knowledge: here's a nice challenge for ya!

Another beautiful 'advanced' piano song.

Stevie, ah.. Stevie. If only I'd had half of his qualities, I'd be more than overjoyed too. Not to say that I'm not happy now :D.

This song proves, once again, the ingenious songwriting qualities of this genius musician.

It has quite a lot of different, dressed-up chords, transitioning through different keys and using different nice ballad-style patterns.

Have fun!

[Updated] CoutCam Cover Tutorial (Playthrough) Added

I've created a new video showing my (improvised) interpretation of the entire thing played. Also, you can now download the chord sheet with all the (updated) chord images in the playthrough video (below the tutorial video).
Please note that I changed some chords in this new version - either to reflect the actual chords that Stevie is playing better, or because I took the liberty of adding some color. We all keep improving! 🙂



COUTCAM | Cover-Tutorial Playthrough


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