On Bernhoft, Program Updates and 🌊

“In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around, but I’ll stand my ground, and I won’t back down." - Tom Petty


In this edition I got for you - a Norwegian master-musician & loop-king to #love; a John Mayer guitar-part-made-piano in CoutCam-view to both #love & #learn; and some exciting updates (+ 🤯  exclusives for subscribers, check your email for those!) #live.

Let’s dive in!



“What I’m listening to” is an artist spotlight. Musicians that reign my personal playlist and that I think deserve a mention and some extra attention.

Artist: Bernhoft

Song: Multiple

Bernhoft is an absolute master-musician. He can play multiple instruments, writes & produces killer-tracks, is a KING of building up songs using loops LIVE, and sings like... I don't even know, it's just awe-inspiring. No pianos in these two example songs, but he does have quite a few piano/keys-based songs too. So if you're digging his style, search for more using your favorite music streaming platform 🙂

"Street Lights" Live

C'mon Talk



Playthroughs. Where #loving becomes #learning.

John Mayer - Emoji of a Wave | Guitar-made-piano

I made a nice little “CoutCam” playthrough for you to see how I transformed John’s guitar part to piano.

As an extra gift for Couturian subscribers, I’ve prepared a nice .pdf handout with the chords + voicings too (not subscribed and missed that? be sure to subscribe asap and not miss more free goodies like it - just click the "Couturian" link in the top navigation!)

Chords: B, Amaj9, E(sus4), F#(sus2,sus4), Aadd9,#11,13, F#(add6,sus4), Emaj9(13)/G#, Eminmaj7(13)/G, B(add9), F#m9, E(sus4), Em7, Ebm7, Abm7, Dbm7, Gbsus -> Gb


summer news & updates

Piano Lingo

Over the first half of this year, we’ve been incredibly busy developing and polishing our new Piano Lingo platform. Users love it.

Most notable recent updates:

  • *NEW* Chord Piano BluePrint

This main program has been completely reworked and is now even smoother and more helpful to get you to understand Chord-theory on piano + how to turn any (set of) Chords into a smoothly flowing/grooving arrangement - as it applies to any (aspiring) pop-piano singer/songwriter/accompanist (think playing in the style of Elton, Billy, Alicia, Jamie et. al.).

  • Singer/Songwriters BootCamp Coming Up

Starting the last week of September, we're hosting our very first *live* Songwriting BootCamp. Besides it being a live "accelerator" for hands-on implementation of the Chord Piano BluePrint concepts, it's also its "next-step" where we go deep(er) into Harmonization, allowing you not only to walk away with your very own tune (if you want to) but also truly, fundamentally understand how any of your favorite songs are constructed and (re)harmonize any piece of music.

Learn more about the new Piano Lingo →

That's a wrap.



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About Coen

Founder of Piano Couture and creator of the Hack the Piano method. Coen is a musician, reader, writer, web-designer, eater and traveler. Find him at CoenModder.com

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