James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go | Song Tutorial

If you're looking to learn how to play the beautiful "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur on piano - this is your post.

Hi Guys! How's it going?

This week finally another song tutorial. Has been a while, since I did one of those.
This in the light of shifting more towards the concept-end of teaching music (as I've actually always been doing, to some extent). I'll therefore be looking more and more to touch and clarify a couple of concepts with each lesson while - in this case - teaching the song.
That's also why I decided to put in a couple of my own touches to this tune, which I felt both suit the song nicely as well as give me the chance to show you some cool concepts.

So in this lesson I'll get into the de-construction and re-construction of playing a more dressed-up accompaniment part that I've created myself, for James Arthur's latest hit Say You Won't Let Go - a four chord song that allowed me to make a short and sweet tutorial of under 5 mins, while still teaching the entire thing AND putting in those variations.


We'll look at:

  • The basic progression of Say You Won't Let Go (just four chords) - exemplified in both the most easy- as well as dressed up (more challenging) versions
  • How to make this limited set of chords a bit more engaging by choosing interesting dress-ups and voicings
  • This includes add9's, slash chords and adding some 7's and 9's - all explained and clarified
  • Essentially: dressing-up and dressing-down such a tune - allowing anybody to play at his/her desired skill level
  • How this is all played organically and flowing by adding a freely improvised combination of patterns - talking music

Chord Sheet with chord progression as per used in the tutorial audio only and MIDI file available for Premium Couturians.

In the comments below, please let me know what you think and / or are looking to learn!

Have fun.

Cheers, Coen.

James Arthur | Say You Won't Let Go

Song Tutorial

Say you won't Let go Chords


Deluxe Tutorial

watch Tutorial Ad-Free and download the Full Chord Sheet & MIDI in The Couturians' Lounge | member area

Premium Couturians can find the "Deluxe" version of this lesson, including the following downloads:

  • A (this week, very brief) handout (.pdf) with the chord pic used in this tutorial
  • Two MIDI files. The "regular" round as played and the more technically dressed up version that I played at the end
  • The audio-only file for when you want to learn on the go ("listen to learn" is golden, as Piano Hackers know)

Or get all that and the video download included with the tutorial pack.

   Buy Tutorial Pack


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