Arpeggios and Multifunctionality - Musical Efficiency | Concept Lesson

"Effectifying" your musical vocabulary - how to re-use one seemingly limited technique to maximise your skills & growth.

Hi Guys! What's up?

In this concept lesson I'll get into a clever little hack for both maximising your practice effectiveness, as well as show you an even more efficient way of using what you can already do - effectively multiplying your skill set without learning anything new.

Applying this concept in your general approach to playing music might very well grant you an epiphany to vastly improve your overall playing ability.

Now that I think of it, this idea is actually a perfect example of using brains over muscle - or using brains to leverage the muscular - the combination which is even more powerful - in this case, using theoretical cleverness to leverage multi functionality of a single technique.

I'm not just simply referring to knowing and grasping a pattern and being able to translate it to different chords and keys. In this case I'm literally talking one single string of successive notes that can be used in different situations - changing their context, relation, color and value.

The theoretical concept we'll be using here, holds close relation to re-harmonisation (and to what we've talked about last week). If you're not familiar with this principle, or have never even heard of it, don't worry, all you need to know will be explainer right here.


We'll look at:

  • Using theoretical cleverness to enhance the meaning of a simple(r) technique, by:
  • Moving bass tones to change (right hand) chord function and value
  • Anchoring / linking theory to technique - in this instance arpeggiating
  • How this works in the real world, using the basic A-triad

Full lesson handout with more in-depth concept clarification, audio only and MIDI files available for Premium Couturians.

In the comments below, please let me know what you think and your findings on which different chord's (mode) triad you like to use over the a chord you want to dress up!

Have fun.

Cheers, Coen.

Arpeggio Multifunctionality | Musical Efficiency

Concept Tutorial

Arpeggio Multifunky Concept Progression Round 1

Arpeggio Multifunky Concept D maj9 run



Deluxe Tutorial

watch Tutorial Ad-Free and download the Full Chord Sheet & MIDI in The Couturians' Lounge | member area

Premium Couturians can find the "Deluxe" version of this lesson, including the following downloads:

  • A handout (.pdf) with all chord pics and concept explanation used in this tutorial
  • Two MIDI files. Just the pattern run and run in context of song
  • The audio-only file for when you want to learn on the go ("listen to learn" is golden, as Piano Hackers know)

Or get all that and the video download included with the tutorial pack.

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