Stevie Wonder – I Wish

Here's how to play Stevie Wonder - I Wish!   For a more in-depth lesson on this song click here. Questions? Remarks? Show me how you play this song! Please leave a comment below!

Michael Jackson - Billy Jean

        For a -waaaayyyyyy- more in-depth lesson of this song take a look here and here.   Questions? Remarks? Show me how you play this song! Please leave a comment below! I'm also very curious which tutorial you'd like to see next! Begrijp je niet wat hier gebeurt en wil je dat ... Read more

Coldplay - The Scientist

  Ah, the Scientist. What a song. Inspired so many people to start playing pop-piano. Chris Martin (the lead vocalist and piano player of Coldplay) is somebody that knows his pop-piano. Knows his chords, knows his patterns. Mixes them up, combines them and uses the exact techniques that I am trying so hard to teach ... Read more

Timing is everything 1. Stevie Wonder I Wish.

In the previous few lessons, I told you about the importance of bass notes and what ‘optional’ notes arise by using the bass to define the harmony. In this particular lesson, using the famous keyboard groove of Stevie Wonder I Wish Now, as many of you know, I like to approach the ‘theory’ part of ... Read more

Billie Jean part 2: full song++

Last time we finished by taking a quick look at the first and most important part of the whole song: the bass line. Just like the original, this video starts with this 'one-in-a-million', signature part of the song. As I want to teach you about the importance of bass notes, devoting such a major, two-part lesson ... Read more

Unzipping Billy's Jeans - Creating your own harmony 2.

  In the previous lesson I started telling you a bit about harmonizing a melody. A skill you can either use to build your very own, unique piano part for a song, or to easily find out what specific instruments are playing on an original recording, for you to copy those parts to the piano. ... Read more

Somebody that I used to know – Gotye

  What? Just these three simple chords? Most definitely. This tutorial will give you a perfect example of just how complex you can get, by creating / copying different instrumental parts, cross-flowing over- and into each other, when diving into the options that chords give you when combined with different patterns. Using different inversions, the ... Read more

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