Acoustic Piano - Upright

The ‘regular’ piano. Although it’s sound, ranging from flanging, drunken and out of tune, cowboy-saloon honkey-tonks to bombastic, heavily-compressed rock-slammers, is far from ‘regular’, but closer to both spectacularly beautiful and extremely recognizable, this instrument is what most people think of when hearing the word ‘piano’. It is one of the most popular instruments in ... Read more

Using chords to see and simplify note relations.

Hi All! To illustrate this lesson, I'll use the song '9 crimes' which features a piano riff of 2 measures (8, 4th-note beats) that starts at the very beginning of the song, and except for very minor variations on the first chord (which wel’ll see in a sec is Amadd9) continues in exactly the same ... Read more

Damien Rice - 9 Crimes

  I advice reading the post 'Using chords to see and simplify note relations' before going ahead and learning this song to help you better understand the structure and learn a wise piano lesson from it. Then try and look at the song and see how difficult you find it after that story, when I ... Read more

Call me maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

    Questions? Remarks? Show me how you play this song! Please leave a comment below! I'm also very curious which tutorial you'd like to see next! Begrijp je niet wat hier gebeurt en wil je dat wel graag? Leer zelf spelen, -alles wat er gebreurt op deze community en de piano echt begrijpen met ... Read more

Playing the piano like a guitarist 1.

  In this post I’ll talk a little about the role and the musical approach of guitar players in pop-music and how we can ‘borrow’ certain techniques from these pop-guitarists and use them to our advantage in tackling pop-music on the piano. Campfires, guitars and a contradiction. All of you have probably witnessed one or ... Read more

Paradise - Coldplay

    This version (possibly pretty much the closest you can get to the original) of the mighty song 'Paradise" by Coldplay implies a wide array of different techniques and (theoretic) skills all found in the course. Note that the version of this tutorial is quite advanced, but in this lesson I'll also give you ... Read more

I'm yours - Jason Mraz

  Begrijp je niet wat hier gebeurt en wil je dat wel graag? Leer zelf spelen, -alles wat er gebreurt op deze community en de piano echt begrijpen met Piano Couture’s Basiscursus Pop Piano.

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