The Beatles - Lady Madonna

An iconic Pop-Piano groove written and performed by an even more iconic band.

The Beatles have been one of the early definers of pop music (and Pop-Piano with it). Their ingeniously crafted songs as well as trade-mark riffs -like the one on piano that I'll teach you in this lesson- have been an inspiration for generations to come.

By looking at the chord symbols I put in the chord pics for this lesson, you'll quickly see the clever way these guys wrote and played their instrumental parts to support their killer melodies. Though the listener might easily be fooled, captivated by the seeming simplicity of The Beatles' songs, there's actually a lot more to their tunes than one might think.

I myself really enjoyed figuring this one out and creating a lesson with it. Don't be surprised to see the Beatles enter the review more often from now on. Truly inspirational stuff.

In the video below, How to Play The Beatles - Lady Madonna, I'll show you:

  • How Paul McCartney mixes minor and major for a bluesy, almost dissonant -yet delicious- sound.
  • How to analyze difficult-on-paper chords in an easy way, simplifying remembrance.
  • How to voice a seemingly obvious progression in a sophisticated way, making your sound way more sophisticated too.
  • The song as it is actually played on the record!
  • How gorgeous the harmony C - Bm7 - Esus - E sounds, especially when vocally harmonized like no other can.

Chord Pics are below the video. To download the Piano Couture chord sheet, traditional sheet and MIDI file, check out the Song Learner - area.

Have fun!

Cheers, Coen


How to Play The Beatles - Lady Madonna

Lady Madonna Verse 1

Lady Madonna Verse 2

Lady Madonna Verse 3

Lady Madonna Chorus 1

Lady Madonna Chorus 2

Lady Madonna See how they run


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17 thoughts on “The Beatles - Lady Madonna”

  1. Hi Coen! Superb super tutorial! I thought I was playing this song the right way by my own, but hearing and seeing your tutorial filled a lot of gaps and details that I just had missed... Thanks a lot for sharing your musical feeling and teaching your knowledge to all of us, I really hope you continue doing the great work you do on diffusion of music and piano!!! Best wishes for you!!!

    • Hi Julio,

      Thanks so much for your comment!

      Glad to read you like it and don't worry, I'll keep going 🙂

      Cheers, Coen.


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