Ed Sheeran - Shape of You | Song Tutorial

Ed Sheeran's Shape of You might be one of the easiest songs you've wanted to learn lately. However, in this sub-5 minute tutorial I'll also show a couple of alternative ways to play this 4 chord loop - perfect for you beginners looking to get some tips on how to "body-up" your chords Hi Guys! ... Read more

MIDI - A Comprehensive Guide | Part 1 - MIDI for Learning

In this post, I'll talk about MIDI. What it is and -more beneficially- how we can use it to our advantage. To create, but in this post mainly - to learn. Hi Everybody! What's up? Have you ever heard of MIDI? Experienced its wonderful benefits? Yes? Great! Let's see if I can show you something ... Read more

Arpeggios and Multifunctionality - Musical Efficiency | Concept Lesson

"Effectifying" your musical vocabulary - how to re-use one seemingly limited technique to maximise your skills & growth. Hi Guys! What's up? In this concept lesson I'll get into a clever little hack for both maximising your practice effectiveness, as well as show you an even more efficient way of using what you can already ... Read more

Alicia's Inversion Run Pattern | Concept Lesson

If you're looking to learn a cool piano run - the one Alicia Keys uses in her acoustic "Empire State of Mind" - you've come to the right address. In this concept lesson, I'll break down the run for you and explain it in a tangible, clear and re-usable way. Hi Guys! Happy New Year ... Read more

Ear Training

Ear Training | Part 1 how to practice your musical ear to improve as an overall musician VIEW LESSON Scroll down In this post (part one of a quite extensive, two-part dive into this subject) I’ll talk about the concept of the “musical ear” and how training it by regularly performing so called “ear training” ... Read more

Bon Iver – re: stacks | Tutorial

re: stacks - as I've already mentioned a few times before, is one of my favorite tracks of all times. However bare and simple the recording (crappy even!), the bed of harmonies, supporting that hauntingly gorgeous melody is just so unbelievably strong. Music in its purest form. Beautiful. So, a few weeks ago, since I was just starting ... Read more

Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber & Mø - Cold Water | Tutorial


A Primer! This week, my good buddy and awesome pianist Jeroen breaks the ice, being the very first guest teacher on Piano Couture. He's making his début with Major Lazer & Justin Biebers' hit single - Cold Water; and how! As a professional Pop-Pianist who -like me- solely plays by chords, ear and heart, Jeroen ... Read more

LOTW 2 - "Bluesy Thirds" Lick

Hi and welcome to the second Lick of the Week (LOTW), a series of concept lessons which will go more in-depth into both the technical AND theoretical side of the "piano lick." Just like last time, we'll be taking a look at the technique itself and the concept so you can use and RE-use the ... Read more

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