V-log pattern lesson: Top two – bottom.

Hi All!

This week, another short, highly useful, video-lesson.

It’s meant to -once again- show you the might of patterns and actually learning you a (new) pattern, as well as give you a preview of what you can expect in both the current course, as well as the upcoming, brand new, video-based-six-week bootcamp course to learn pop-piano basics.

A note to my current course followers: you might recognise the pattern from this video, but I think the extra explanation given here can help all of you too.

Also, I tried to throw in some different chord-progressions for all of you to practice this pattern with.

I actually meant to make the video even shorter than it turned out, with no extra talking / explaining, just showing you the pattern, but when I started filming I felt obliged to clarify a bit by talking.

The new course, however, will be a mixture between me giving you ‘talking lessons’ – video’s (longer video’s where I explain more, like a true one-on-one piano lessons) and very short, to-the-point video’s with no added b.s. (talk) like you current course followers are used to loving.

As said, it’ll all be video-based.

The lighting-up keys, however, will be added to all video’s in the new course.

Ok, on to this weeks lesson:



Top two notes – bottom note.


  • In the first 2 minutes are meant to explain some basics and repeat the pattern of a couple of weeks ago.
  • At 2:18 the new pattern starts.
  • At 3:53 I start playing it over a different chord progression.


At 5:47 I start ‘fiddling around’ (as I describe it myself :)). Who can figure out the chords there? I dare you, that’s this weeks trivial question! Put your answer in the comments below this post.



Questions? Remarks? Show me how you play this song! Please leave a comment below!
I’m also very curious which tutorial you’d like to see next!

About Coen

Founder of Piano Couture and creator of the Hack the Piano method. Coen is a musician, reader, writer, web-designer, eater and traveler. Find him at CoenModder.com

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