Hack the Piano - Complete Downloadable Course


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Play. By Chords. By Ear. By Heart.

The complete downloadable course to playing piano by ear.

Hack the Piano is the essential guide to playing contemporary piano.

Deconstructing and teaching the foundation of music - chords and rhythmical patterns to truly make you understand music, you’ll sound like a pro within weeks in stead of years.

Get this bible of Pop-Piano, learn to speak the language of music and express yourself with the exact approach professional musicians use, playing anything by ear and heart.

This edition is completely downloadable.

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Hack the Piano - Complete Downloadable Course

want to finally learn how to actually play like Elton, Billy, Jamie etc... ?

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Get this 5-part video class for FREE.
Learn the proprietary "musical language" framework that allows pro-pop-piano singers/songwriters to play and sound like they do - without sheets.

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