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Modern Piano Arrangements

Become Everyone's Favorite Piano (Wo)Man

Finally understand how to actually sound like the pianos on your favorite records ... 

... without ever needing sheets.

By Chords | Effective Learning

Music deconstructed into word-like blocks. Easy to grasp & remember.


By Ear | No Sheets

Have you ever seen your favorite artist looking at paper while playing? Exactly.


by Heart | Music You Love

With Hack the Piano's unique, modern approach, learn how the music you listen to works.


Modern Piano Isn't Played From Sheets

Sheets Will NOT Get You That Sound You're After

Don't try to learn modern piano parts, using an ancient system...

Sheet-music was developed hundreds of years ago... 

A time when there were no other ways to record a tune that showed you how to play it (or let you even hear it)

Today, we live in a day and age where music is written, played and recorded differently.

So - why revert to that ancient system, when you want to play pop music and can use modern means to learn?

Why not learn the same approach your favorite pro-musicians use?

That's what Hack the Piano teaches.

Piano Hacking | The Modern Approach

Create Piano Accompaniments That Sound
Like Taken Straight Off Your Favorite Records
- by Chords, by Ear, by Heart

Have you ever seen your favorite artist look at sheets while playing? Exactly.

Our "chunking" methodology focusses on learning re-usable blocks: chords & patterns, that are much like words and pronunciation in language.

Learn how styles like Pop, Soul, Blues, Funk, Hip-hop, Singer-Songwriter etc. are made, and played.

We use a rhythm- and harmony-theory approach - the founding pillars of all music. So you learn to sound exactly like the record, or improvise to create your very own unique rendition.

Conservatory-graduated and tons of experience in the actual music business. This is how we do music.

Isn't it strange that guitarists never read traditional sheets, while even beginners are often able to play dozens of songs by heart, with everyone singing along? Learn that "guitarists' approach."

Hack the Piano Is Perfect For (Aspiring):


Learn how music is built and how to use those building blocks to play and create your very own renditions.


Whether you'd like to play with others in a band, or accompany anyone's singing (including your own).


Understanding music's foundational building blocks will improve your arrangements, hooks, licks and riffs. 

... and all piano-enthusiasts looking to play arrangements like they are played by the original artist - enjoying themselves, friends or family.

Made by Professional, (POP) Conservatory-Graduated Musicians

Because We Were Just As Frustrated...

... NOT Getting That Right Sound From Deciphering Sheets

Coen Modder

Roland-featured author/instructor
Founder of Piano Couture
Creator of the Hack the Piano Methodology

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Coen.

Like virtually everybody, when I started out playing piano at age 4 I was "forced" down the traditional path of learning how to read sheet music too. That didn't work out ...

... and so I quit.

Many years later, at age 17, when I saw my fellow classmates playing like rock-stars at our yearly school concert, I promised myself I was going to learn to play too. So, I went back to that old way of playing from sheet music, which -again- did NOT make me sound like my favorite artists AT ALL... and I almost gave up entirely.

Then, following the guidance of a talented guitarist-friend of mine, I taught myself how to play piano using his approach: by Chords. 4 years later I got accepted into the Conservatory of Amsterdam (major Pop-Piano / Vocals). 

Now, over the course of 18 years of playing, I've performed on stage extensively -both solo and in multiple bands- written and recorded with many different artists, became a Roland-featured instructor & one of the top-5 Youtube piano teachers in the world and taught over 132,000 people worldwide how to play piano without sheets.

Hack the Piano is the methodology and backbone of all my teaching. 

It will teach you the exact ways I used to accomplish all of the above and create beautiful piano accompaniments that sound just like those of my favorite musical heroes - Elton, Billy, Stevie - without ever having needed a single sheet.

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But We're Not The Only Ones Who Like The Sound Of Chord Piano

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hack the piano is

Featured by one of the world's biggest piano brands

Next to 133,000+ students hacking the piano worldwide, Roland now acknowledged it too

"This is THE method for playing modern piano accompaniments."

Embracing the no-sheets approach

Guitarists have been doing it for ages. It's finally recognized that contemporary piano can be learned more effectively too

What Fellow Piano Hackers Say:

learn the language of music

Hack the Piano is a uniquely different system that teaches the actual approach that professional modern musicians use too ...

... an approach built on understanding music's foundational building blocks Chords ("what" to play) and Patterns ("how" to play).

It's much like learning a language - the language of music

Chords = words, Patterns = pronunciation. 

And like with any language, you'll understand and be able to repeat what someone else says. 

The No-Sheets Approach

Piano Like A Guitarist

Have you ever seen your favorite artist look at sheet music?

Probably not, right?

That's because modern piano parts aren't played from sheets.

Actually, since music is in fact a language, learning to read before you can speak seems completely backwards - whatever style, or instrument, we're talking about.

Guitarists get this right. They don't regurgitate vocal lines from sheets. They play full accompaniments by chords. (And yes - even their licks and solos are built from chords).

But while guitarists are having all the fun, piano is still stuck in this outdated system. 

Hack the Piano does things differently.

It teaches how to understand the musical language, and "say" (play) anything you want, using its foundational concepts - chords (music's "words") and patterns (music's "pronunciation") - just like guitarists.

You'll learn building blocks that can be re-used in all music - so you never waist time deciphering and blindly regurgitating isolated lines-and-dots on paper, but with anything new you learn grow as a musician.

That is what we call Piano Hacking

Don't settle for information-overload, learning stuff you're never going to use anyway or one-trick pony approaches that only teach you one song without any context. 

Start Hacking the Piano today to learn how music works and be able to apply that on any tune you want - finally actually sounding like your musical heroes while cutting the time to learn new tunes by 90%.

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The ultimate playbook for (aspiring) singers, songwriters, producers & keyboardists; ranging from in-home hobbyists entertaining themselves, friends & family; to professional musicians in-the-making.
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Hack the Piano Online Course
Everything you need to become everyone's favorite Piano (wo)man - the complete on-demand course that makes you understand & speak the language of music, to get that exact sound you're after - without needing sheets.
  • The complete plan on playing piano by Ear

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