John Lennon - Jealous Guy | Cover - Tutorial

Yes, I made another cover!
This time one of my favorite tracks, John Lennon's fantastic "Jealous Guy" (tip: also check out versions by Donny Hathaway and Gavin DeGraw) is up.

Although it's again a snippet, since I was actually just fooling around a bit on the keys when I felt like singing this. Co-incidentally, the camera was already rolling to film something else, "accidentally" recording this, which gives it kind of a nice genuine feel I think, so that's why -although I didn't also "accidentally" film my face- I decided just to post it.

Also -and more importantly- it starts showing the "synergetic" look that I'm contemplating to explore more. Exploit. Whatever. I've done this earlier -animating a cover in a way that it embodies and serve both "love" and "learn" philosophies and actually I don't know why I didn't follow through on this format. Ok, well actually I do know. I've been through quite a rough time and didn't feel like singing.

However, I'm starting to feel better, wanting to create and express more with music, next to the teaching, plus the positive responses I received on last weeks cover (just "love," no "learn"-ing there) really played nicely on my confidence and motivation (thanks so much!).

So here you have it, another Cover / Tutorial.
Hope you like it and please let me know if this is something you'd like to see more of! (and can actually learn from?)

Cheers, Coen.

John Lennon - Jealous Guy | Cover - Tutorial

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6 thoughts on “John Lennon - Jealous Guy | Cover - Tutorial”

  1. Brilliant cover ! I actually prefer your version to the original...

    Not much of a tutorial though... 🙂

    Below the general idea of what the chords look like, mostly in
    slash notation to make it more clear of what inversions to play.


    Jealous Gy

    I was dreaming of the past
    D/C D
    and my heart was beating fast
    Gadd2/E C#dim7
    I began to lose control
    Dsus D Gadd2/E
    I began to lose control
    D/Gadd2 Csus2 D/C G

    I didn't mean to hurt you
    F/Dm Csus (Csus/E D/F#) G
    and I'm sorry that I made you cry
    G F/Dm Bb9
    I didn't want to hurt you
    Gadd2 D/F# Gadd2/E
    I'm just a jealous guy
    D/Gadd2 C D/C Gadd9

    • Thanks so much for your comment and addition Nico! Seems pretty accurate 🙂
      Note though that a slash chord, works this way: C over D (a C chord over a D bass) is written like C/D - You seem to write it the other way around 😉

      Here's how I'd say I played it (normally I'd write the chords above the lyric, so that's what I did here too):

      G Em7 D(sus4) D7
      I was dreaming of the past

      Em7add11 D5* C#dim7
      and my heart was beating fast

      D(sus4) Em7add11
      I began to lose control

      Gadd9/D Cadd9 Dsus
      I began to lose control

      G F69 Cadd9 Dsus
      I didn’t mean to hurt you

      G F69 Bbmaj9
      and I’m sorry that I made you cry

      Gadd9 D/F# Em7add11 G/D
      I didn’t want to hurt you

      Cadd9 Dsus Gadd9
      I’m just a jealous guy

      *(has a very strong Gsus2/D feel here)

      Cheers, Coen

  2. Greetings Coen, I must say bro your info is amazing. Truly blessed to learn from you. I played my first jam.session with guys who gave me respect. Wow that is progress.


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