Lukas Graham – 7 Years

A melodic piano riff, left hand chords and a juicy accompaniment part can all be found in this piano tutorial, where I teach you exactly how to play Lukas Graham – 7 years, his current beautiful piano-hit. As always, we’ll be tackling the exact piano part(s) as played on the original record.

Always nice to see a piano-driven song enter the top of the charts again. With his sentimental lyrics, revolving around one of the most basic, frightening aspects of life itself: aging, Lukas Graham has managed to write a song that speaks to many.

The right hand phrase that makes up “7 years'” signature piano-riff is actually very simple to play (only a 5 note, single note melody that just loops and loops throughout the entire song), yet I’ll show you how to dress it up, accompany it with your left hand and next, how those harmonies are re-arranged to make up the accompaniment part of the rest of the song.

Have fun with yet another tutorial that will teach you how to play and sound exactly like the piano (pianist. btw. anybody know if he plays piano himself?) on the original record!

Please in the comments (below the chord pics), which have been switched back on since just very recently again, let me know where you’re having trouble, what you like, what you didn’t like or even show us how you play this tune!

Have fun!

Cheers, Coen.

7 years Used Chords Red chord note right

7 years right riff

7 years verse 2

7 years verse 3

7 years verse Lower

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