Avicii – Wake me up

5 easy chords (just triads with a few inversions used, nothing too advanced here), a killer guitar-strum transformed into a piano pattern and a melodic hook + left hand ‘comping’ that will seriously challenge and improve your technical skills and voicing-knowledge.

Beginner Pop-Piano at it’s best.

Part 1 teaches you the chords and how to play ’em for the intro, verse and chorus, Part 2 is dedicated to the melodic ‘hook’.

Please let me hear your thoughts in the comments, if you will.

Cheers and enjoy!


Chord-sheets below the video’s.

PART 1 (Chords, verse, chorus):

PART 2 (Melody / Hook):

“member”]Find Chord Sheet at the Premium Tutorial

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3 thoughts on “Avicii – Wake me up”

  1. This is a very nice way of learning a popsong!
    I`m a harpteacher and I translate your music to my harp and then learn it to my students. (I can do this because I learned how to play the piano before the harp and it is quite similair), thank you very much for sharing this!

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