HtP Audio Program


Access all Hack the Piano content anywhere, even without an internet connection and make learning Chord Piano a LOT more convenient with these downloads!

Audio Program - Upgrade and get immediate access to this audio-program, in which Coen explains your entire Hack the Piano book. Listen & learn on the go, in your car or when walking - all while reaping the benefits of ear-training!

Download all Example Videos - In stead of having to go online to view, download all 97 Short Example Videos in the book to your device to watch them offline anywhere, anytime

All Example MIDIs - Slow down, speed up & transpose all examples in your book to ace them in every key at the exact tempo suited for you

How to use MIDI-for-learning - Guide + video instruction on how to use MIDI files to learn music.

Practice Beats Pack - Ditch your boring metronome and make improving your timing and groove fun with these engaging drum beats

HtP Appendix - all concepts in your Hack the Piano book compressed in less than 10% of the pages. The best resource for ultra-convenient refreshers, recall and lookup of anything learned in the book.

Cheat-Sheets Collection - all Chords, scales, inversions, relative-relations and intervals as per learned in your book depicted with crystal-clear images.

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HtP Audio Program

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