Advanced Piano Hacks Course


Advanced tricks-of-the trade to transform any chord-progression into your own uniquely embellished, professional sounding rendition.

This course is ideal for those that know Chords and are able to mould them into moving arrangements using patterns, who are now ready to learn how to take both their Chord-knowledge to the next level to get those sophisticated, soulful, jazzy voicings - plus learn about (re)harmonization; as well as upgrade their Pattern-capabilities to learn how to connect one chord to the next + embellish their arrangements with fills & licks.

Advanced Piano Hacks is a 6 module course that takes your Chording to the next level and get to that Jazzy, Soulful sound by using advanced extensions; takes your Pattern-techniques to the next level and shows you how to organically connect one chord to the next + embellish your arrangements by adding fills & licks; and shows you how to (re)Harmonize any chord progression.

NOTE: This course assumes you have either finished Hack the Piano and/or are familiar with everything that's taught there.
if you have not yet finished Hack the Piano and/or are positive you know its contents, we highly recommend starting there, before diving into this course

Advanced Piano Hacks Course Contents


Want the full scope?

Get all these lessons included & preceded by more beginner & intermediate lessons on building Chords and HOW to transform Chords into flowing, moving, grooving arrangements by using Patterns with our full Chord Piano BluePrint.


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Advanced Piano Hacks Course
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