Black Friday 2022 Offers

Exclusive new options available for a  limited time only

This weekend only, I'm temporarily pre-releasing some never-before seen, brand new options to help you get you that sound you're after.

When the weekend ends, these options will be locked away again.

Let me tell you about something Special...

Not just discounts ...

but never before-seen, new & improved

Options That will cease to exist

when this offer ends in:


Over the past many months, we've been working incessantly on creating better options to learn Chord Piano and get you to sound like the pianos on your favorite records - more easily, more conveniently, more effectively.

Among many things, there's an app, a brand new community platform, small group workshops for more advanced players, personal coaching program and our completely reimagined Hack the Piano LIVE - Chord Piano Formula program, running live again.

Most of these things will only officially be launched at the start of next year.

This Black Friday is not about the highest discount on existing products (although I've sneaked in some of that too 🤫).
It's about presenting you with first-access opportunities to be the earliest to get on board. To pre-order & pre-enroll.

Pre-launch, pre-sale, pre-release, "EarlyBird."

However you want to call it - if you're on this page you have first dibs. And you'll get the best price for taking that "early-adopter" leap with us.

Available Offers

- from cheapest to most value

Hack the Piano eBook

€49 €FREE

I’ve even cut the admin costs in half for this occasion.

The original Chord Piano method.

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Chord AI Pro iPhone App

€49 €25

Our brand new app that’s like “Shazam for Chords.”

Full year Pro access.

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Chord Piano BluePrint

€499 €199

Evergreen self-study course to learn Hack the Piano + Advanced Piano Hacks.

Includes the Chord Piano Fundamentals Program; Piano Chords Program & Piano Patterns Program

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C.P.F. - Hack the Piano LIVE

€499 €399

Pre-enroll ticket for our completely reimagined flagship Chord Piano Formula program + bonus legacy “self-serve” edition (recorded edition of the same program, that you can start right away - so you don’t have to wait for the live program to start in January before you can begin)

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Piano Lingo Pro + Mastery

€999 €499

Unique chance to pre-signup for the first year now (with no less than 50% off!) and be the very first to join the brand new Piano Lingo Pro community platform + Chord Piano Mastery mastermind - advanced small-group sessions - when we open in January.

(full year access without commitment. no auto-renewals.)

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C.P.F. Platinum

€1,999 €1499.00

Premium edition of our flagship Chord Piano Formula program.

A bundle that includes everything on this page + a tailor-made, custom program with one-on-one coaching from me, to get you exactly where you want to be in 8 weeks time.

Personal Coaching Program Included:

  • Personalized training plan and exercises - adapted to your schedule and needs
  • 1hr coaching calls every week with me at the piano
  • Direct mail (soon to be in-app messaging, when we launch the new platform) support
  • Work on and learn 5 songs of your choosing, customized arrangements adapted to your level (we’ll make sure you’ll play them at the very top of your game)
  • After the program - happy with your progress (i.e. play what you want to pay) or don’t pay guarantee
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All digital, direct-access, "no-wait" offers

14-Day Guarantee

These options work. Try them risk free.

Best Price Now

Not just that - these offers will soon cease to exist

What others say about Piano Hacking


“This is the course you want to take.”


“Saved me time & effort, worth every penny.”


“Might be the very best when it comes to learning piano.”

Which option should you pick?

  • Chord Piano Formula LIVE Platinum (i.e. get results by getting it all)

If you're looking for a completely tailored, personal experience and get one-on-one help to work on custom arrangements for your 5 favorite songs, this premium bundle - that includes all other offers on this page - is for you.

  • Piano Lingo Pro + Chord Piano Mastery

As an early adopter, you can now join for a full year at more than 50% off.
Limited seats available. 

(please note: if you have NOT finished either of those programs, this requires an audition)

  • ChordAI Pro

Best in it's class and quite simply put just a really amazing app.

  • Hack the Piano Enhanced Ebook (no-brainer free book)

I’d strongly recommend considering the amazing upgrades available on checkout.

Well... that's pretty much exactly what we teach here and what we call Piano Hacking.

Your best option?

1. If you're more of a self-study person that wants to do a lesson "every now and then":

  • the Chord Piano BluePrint

2. If you want a kick-in-the-butt, fully coached and guided program, built from a on a brand new, feature rich community platform and are ready to kickstart 2023 by finally learning to play like you want to play:

  • Chord Piano Formula - Hack the Piano LIVE

If you're in doubt - option no. 2 Chord Piano Formula includes the BluePrint - so pick that and you'll get both. 

questions? email me at:

want to finally learn how to actually play like Elton, Billy, Jamie etc... ?

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