Chord Piano Formula

Chord Piano Formula

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It is far easier to jot down notes and stay focussed on the training when you are using a desktop of laptop computer. (You will likely be less distracted and retain more IF YOU MAKE SURE YOU CLOSE ALL OTHER TABS. So no Facebook, no email, no nothing but the webinar tab - I promise it will help a ton). Besides that, webinars sometimes don't play nice with mobile devices - so plan RIGHT NOW to provide yourself with the best possible learning experience.

#2 Mark You Calendar And Block Out 2 Hours

We'll be covering a TON in this webclass, so block out a few hours for this training in advance, so you won't be distracted and can give it your full focus.

#3 Prep Optimally with HtP & The Launchpad

Get the optimal experience from this master-class by first watching the Launchpad intro training videos. The Launchpad is a companion jumpstart mini-challenge that comes included with my FREE Hack the Piano book.

this Thursday @ 5pm CEST

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Start learning the Chord Piano secrets with the Hack the Piano Launchpad - a 5-part video-based training series.
Below is the first (intro) video. This full training series is included as a FREE bonus with the (free) Hack the Piano Book.

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