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Sep 27 - Oct 29th, 2023 live

the Singer/Songwriters BootCamp

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a 4-week LIVE coaching program that will transform Dull Chord-players...

... into creators of mature pop-piano arrangements

4-Week Live Cohort

Learn to transform any Chord progression into a freely-played, flowing arrangement.

Fail-Proof Step-by-Step Schedule

Tackle your weaknesses by taking advantage of clear programming you'll actually complete.

Weekly Coaching & Support

Live workshops, assignments, instructor & peer supported question&feedback spaces.

Why "Singer/Songwriters" BootCamp?

Back in the day, I was intrigued by Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Elton John, Alicia Keys, Gavin deGraw, Jamie Cullum, John Legend and my uncle Jeroen (man could he sing & play) 

Just sit at the keys, never looking a sheets. Never exactly playing the same thing twice. 

As if they were improvising every time. 

So different from what I was used to from my classical sheets-lessons. 

After making the connection that many guitar players were actually doing the same, I had a breakthrough..

Piano Like A Guitarist - Approaching piano through Chord-theory

Playing Chords got me much closer, but still not quite to that sound, quite that freedom. 

After years of dissecting the how to play those Chords (and this really took me years and years, even beyond my Conservatory study) I was able to put it into a tangible, teachable framework:

  • Rhythmical Patterns
  • (Breaking) techniques
  • Grooves
  • Embellishments
  • Fills
  • Licks
  • Improvised arrangements
  • Freedom

These are the things that are not only harder to grasp than Chord-theory, but also take practice to internalize. You need to feel them.

And that is exactly what we’ll be working on in this BootCamp. 

Understand - feel - practice - internalize.

This BootCamp focusses on the elusive "secrets" of Pop-Piano’s greats. 

How they handle their chords to actually form that sound & create their compositions.

Grasping that will give you much more:

  • Musicality
  • Creativity
  • Freedom

So... pretty much the best things about playing music. 😎

Why "Singer/Songwriters" BootCamp

Billy Joel is a Singer/Songwriter. 

So is Elton. 

So are Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Jamie Cullum, Tom Odell, Ray Charles, d'Angelo, Bruce Hornsby, Freddy Mercury, Prince and the likes.

This BootCamp will not make you sing like them. 

But it will help you demystify, implement & train their piano skills

Yes, it's the same building blocks, underpinning all of their styles. 

(hence the re-usability of these skills in ALL future music you'd want to learn)

Yes, it all stems from Chords. 

But HOW you play those chords makes all the difference.

You'll either sound bland, or colorful. 

Stall or flow. 

Playing freely like those guys can never be captured in traditional sheet music. 

This BootCamp will show you how to flow - colorfully - like a piano-singer/songwriter. 

What You'll Get

Result - What You'll Learn

✓ To create your own rendition out of any set of Chords. 

✓ To deepen your understanding of music.

✓ To compose your own arrangements 
(your own songs, or your arrangement for any existing tune/chord progression)

End Result 

  • More fluidity
  • Improved musical insight & understanding
  • Your own rendition
  • Create arrangements/renditions without ever needing sheet music again
  • Your own song
    even if you’re not intrinsically interested in composing your own music, this will greatly enhance your insights into music, which is the main goal

Why should you want this

  • Freedom on the keys
  • Express your creativity
  • Recognize what others play, if you want to copy their traits

Focus - How We'll Get there

Practicing, Improving & Implementation of Hack the Piano & Advanced Hacks concepts

Playing: analyzing, practicing, implementing, putting into practice

  • (Voicing)
  • Broken Patterns & techniques
  • Embellishments, fills, licks


  • Progressions, harmonic analyses
  • (re)Harmonization


✓ Live BootCamp Program

  • 1 Week Introduction (now) - We’ll review/refresh/revamp the HtP Concepts.
  • 4 Weeks Main Program - 2 live classes/week where we’ll focus on:
    • Week 1: Creating & Practicing Broken Patterns & Fills
    • Week 2: Arranging
    • Week 3: ReHarmonizing
    • Week 4: Composing

✓ Hack the Piano Online*

  • Foundation BluePrint Course
  • Core BluePrint Course

✓ Advanced Piano Hacks*

  • Full Online BluePrint Course

✓ Dedicated spaces for group learning in Piano Lingo

✓ Lifetime access to recordings

*those that already own parts of this course get a discount on the enrollment fee.

For Whom is this BootCamp?

lovers of the great singer-songwriter pop-pianists, who’d like to play like them

  • Players who want to turn their bland chord-playing into freely flowing pop-piano arrangements that sound like their idols would play them.
  • Anybody looking to get into composing songs, or gain an understanding of how tunes are built.
  • Hack the Piano/Chord Piano BluePrint students (Piano Hackers) who’d like a paced and guided schedule to jolt their progress, internalize the concepts and implement pop-piano skills.

Level of the Program

  • For playing: Intermediate+ - Advanced
  • For composing/arranging: Beginner - Intermediate+

You should join this course when...

Piano Hackers
(prior&current students of Hack the Piano and/or the Chord Piano BluePrint)

  • You’re on your way with-, or have finished finished Roadmap 1; or the Hack the Piano book
  • Your progress through the BluePrint has stalled
  • You’d like support going through the BluePrint program, and/or actually taking those concepts “on the road” (i.e. implement and apply them to create your own arrangements)
  • You’d like to actually make strides and heaps of progress in a couple of weeks, together with a group of dedicated fellow students and with guidance from Coen.
  • You'd like to go to the next level and interweave Advanced Piano Hacks
  • You've previously done a live BootCamp with us, know how valuable these programs are for boosting your skills & understanding in a very short amount of time and would like to experience that again for this next level of playing.
  • You’re interested in composing music*

First-time Piano Hackers
(you’ve dabbled around with chords and know how to play them, but have not studied Hack the Piano or the Chord Piano BluePrint yet) 

  • You are struggling to actually get those chords to sound like the “real deal”
  • You’re interested in composing music*

For whom it’s less suited 

  • Complete beginners.
  • Billy Joel (come on man, you’re a bit too advanced don’t you think?)
  • Those who want to play only classical music

*Note: even if you are NOT necessarily interested in becoming an actual songwriter, this program is still for you if you fit the rest of the description.
Composing a tune will then just function as an exercise to greatly enhance your musical insights, which will in turn greatly improve your playing capabilities.

For Whom - Summarized

The BootCamp is a 4-week, intermediate - advanced group coaching program. 

It will refresh and/or train you on the Hack the Piano methodology, then places a heavier emphasis on more advanced Chord Piano BluePrint concepts like creating more sophisticated arrangements, improvised playing, (re)harmonization and composing. 

All of that is to say - it wil help you actually put Piano Hacking into practice and mature your Chord Piano skills.


the weeks in which we'll transform your pop-piano skills

27 Sep = official opening/welcome

27 Sep - 1 Oct = regular enrollment & introduction week

2 Oct - 29 Oct = main program

Sunday Oct 29th = wrap-up

Praise & Love

what others say about Piano Hacking & our BootCamps

Before using Piano Hacking, I thought music was just a bunch of notes on the page that I had to strenuously decipher in order to play. The Chord Piano BluePrint taught me to create music within the structure of chords. I learned that chords have patterns and relationships. I now interact with music on a whole new level! 
Piano Hacker
Before coming across your BootCamp, I had been learning on my own for many, many, many years.  All I had to show for it was frustration and a very halted and hesitant sound.   After a few short months, your approach of “Chording” and music theory has replaced all of that with a significant improvement in my freedom, confidence and musicality.   I enjoy every moment I sit at my keyboard.   Thank you for your help!  It’s been a life changing experience.
Piano Hacker
This BootCamp was perfect for those that want to learn the ‘why’ behind their favorite pop songs! As a classically trained pianist, the focus was on the ‘how’ instead of the ‘why’. Now I have a much better understanding of chords and how they move the song where you want it to go. Thanks so much Coen!
Piano Hacker
I can't say enough about how easy to understand, and well put together this program is. I started letting my kids, ages 9& 11, work on this program and ended up having to buy two more keyboards because they were always playing and learning lol
Piano Hacker
..a breath of fresh air. Coen offers thorough piano theory along with chord knowledge backed up with superb videos providing visual demonstrations of the subject of the lesson. He also provides wonderful tips for effective practice. This is not work, this is fun.
Piano Hacker
This is a fantastic way to learn how to play the piano. In the past I have always been frustrated in learning to play the piano until I found Coen and the Hack the Piano Bootcamp.It is an easy to follow method and it is fun at the same time. The lessons are in bite sizes and are easy to understand. It does need commitment and after a short while, you get to play your favourite songs on the piano. Highly recommended.
Piano Hacker
The Chord Piano bootcamp make piano accompaniment accessible without any deep theoretical musical background. It’s accessible but not “simplistic”.
Piano Hacker
If you're looking to learn music in a more dynamic and less traditional way, then this piano bootcamp is definitely for you. It's very rare to come across this type of approach in traditional music classes, and I found it to be incredibly refreshing and inspiring. If you're feeling tired of reading music and like you're in a musical rut (like I was), then this course could be exactly what you need to reignite your passion for the piano. The instructor at the bootcamp is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and he really emphasizes the importance of understanding the foundations and nature of music rather than just learning specific songs. This approach helped me to gain a deeper appreciation for the art of music and feel more confident in my own musical abilities. Overall, I highly recommend this piano bootcamp to anyone looking to break out of the traditional mold and approach music in a more creative and dynamic way. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience for me, and I think it could be for you too.
Piano Hacker
Following this bootcamp has allowed me to progress my playing at my own pace. Although i do not nearly spend enough time practicing, whatever practice i do happen to have is usually on the back of an amazing classic song. This makes practicing chords and chord progressions so much more fun!
Piano Hacker
The advantage the BootCamp afforded me was a crash course on the concepts, tools, rules of thumb, and "tricks of the trade" of pop piano that I can begin to apply on my path forward. A "normal" process would not have allowed me to see that path forward as Coen laid out in a comprehensive manner and yet a very short period of time.
Piano Hacker
I took years of piano lessons but still was unable to play anything without sheet music in front of me. I also could not break down a song and understand how it worked. I have made some excellent strides in this by taking BootCamp.
Piano Hacker
I have tried other courses and I have always ended up giving up, because what I wanted was to play piano accompaniment while I sing. This is the only course that allows you to learn that in a clear and structured way. I recommend it 100%.
Juan Carlos
Piano Hacker
…if you want to sit at any piano and play popular music for your family and friends-, if you want a basis to create music towards becoming a professional musician-, no matter the reason you are coming to the piano this is the program you want to take.
Piano Hacker
This is most likely to be the best that you'll find when it comes to learning how to play the piano. I've been taught classically for over 10 yrs now but was jealous in seeing a guitarist being able to pick up songs very easily, this program will enable you to that. Its top notch.
Piano Hacker
You're doing a FANTASTIC thing here and I truly admire your altruistic approach
Piano Hacker
You took the mystery out of what I hear when I listen to contemporary piano and that’s not to say that your approach is good just for pop piano. I think it’s THE best way to learn piano!
Piano Hacker
It's such a great program, because it is very organized and explains the information in a logical way. It is great because you can repeat the lessons until you get it down completely.
Piano Hacker
"This method has saved me time and effort .. It opens a pathway of consciousness into the world of music. Wow I am glad I purchased this and so will you be if you are looking to fulfill your piano dreams. Worth every penny."
Piano Hacker


the investment you'll make in yourself

the Singer/Songwriters BootCamp
(€799 €499*)
👉 exclusive enrollment discount

Level: Intermediate → Advanced Live Experience

Hand-held experience to implement Piano Hacking, with a focus on later Chord Piano concepts like creating moving arrangement, renditions, embellishments & composing.

  • Full "Hack the Piano" Online Course
  • Full "Advanced Piano Hacks" Online Course
  • 4 Week Live Online Training Program
  • 2 Weekly Workshops
  • Weekly Programming
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Dedicated online environment
  • Lifetime Access To Courses & Live Recordings
  • BONUS: 1 Year ChordAI Pro
  • BONUS: 6 Months Piano Lingo Pro
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