Hack the Piano: Piano Chords Magic Course


How to build any chord, play interesting voicings and maturely color them in the most beautiful ways.

hack the piano online - part 1

This course is ideal for those that can play some basic triads, but want to go to the next level - both in understanding where Chords come from (and how you can build any chord yourself, without needing any reference materials) and in "sophistication" (playing hipper voicings and adding color and flair to your sound).

Chord Magic is a 3-stage, 11-module on-demand online course that will show you how to build, voice & color any Chord on the piano.

Every included module focusses on a specific concept. Step-by-step, concise and to-the-point.

Using a combination of video, text and exercises you'll internalize each concept in the fastest, most effective way possible.

You'll learn:

  • how to turn standard triads into hip-sounding ear-candy
  • where chords come from and how you can build any of them yourself - without ever needing any reference material again
  • how to actually use scales (hint: not for boring exercises, but to add color to your music)
  • how to get that lush, warm, soulful sound you hear the pros use all the time

... but most importantly where everything stems from, so that you'll gain a foundational understanding to (re-)create everything yourself in all of your future playing.

After completing this program you'll never need any reference material ever again, and will be able to play any chord-progression by ear & heart.

Level 1 - Hack the Piano Online

Voicing Chords

how to beef-up your standard triads and make them sound more hip

Level 2 - Hack the Piano Online

Inner & Outer Chord-Workings

how to use scales (no - not in the boring way), derive any chord, play by ear, color & extend chords and fundamentally understand how all that is harmony


Want the full scope?

Get all these lessons included & mixed with lessons on HOW to transform Chords into flowing, moving, grooving arrangements by using Patterns PLUS the Advanced Piano Hacks Course (jazz/soul chord-building, licks & embellishments) with our full Chord Piano BluePrint.


Just starting out and not quite at the level of knowing the Chord Piano basics (musical framework, triads, patterns) yet?

Try our Piano Like A Guitarist Course.

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Hack the Piano: Piano Chords Magic Course
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