Piano Patterns Program


How to transform any chord-progression into engaging piano grooves, sophisticated, flowing accompaniments and perk up your arrangements with fills and licks.

This program is ideal for those that know their Chords, but want to know how to create moving piano arrangements out of Chord progressions.

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The Piano Patterns Program is a 3-stage, 9-mini-course on-demand online program that will show you how to turn any set of Chords into an engaging, flowing, moving, grooving piano accompaniment using Patterns.

Every included mini-course focusses on a specific concept. Step-by-step, concise and to-the-point.

Using a combination of video, text and exercises you'll internalize each concept in the fastest, most effective way possible.

You'll learn:

  • how to add rhythm & groove
  • how to break-up chords & create flowing arrangements
  • how to phrase chords
  • how to connect one chord to the next with "in between" melodic/rhythmic phrases
  • how to use the given harmonic information to form riffs, fills, licks & melodies

.. and obviously: where everything stems from, so that you'll gain a foundational understanding to (re-)create everything yourself in all of your future playing.

Stage 1

Piano Patterns

how to add rhythm and build piano-grooves from Chords

Stage 2

Breaking & Phrasing

transform any chord progression into a sophisticated, moving piano arrangement

Stage 3


how to perk up your arrangements and fill musical "gaps" with licks and embellishments


Not quite proficient with Chords yet? Try our Piano Chords program.

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Piano Patterns Program
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