Bare Essential Keys to Harmony Course


Just starting out with no-sheets pop-piano? Curious to see how our approach works? This is the course for you.

It will show you what "Chords" (which notes to play) and "Patterns" (how to play those notes) are - the keys that unlock the secrets of pro-pop-pianists' (Elton, Billy, John, Jamie, Alicia etc.) freedom and sound.

The perfect introduction into the world of Chord Piano (the approach all of your favorite artists use too) and playing modern piano arrangements that sound like taken straight off your favorite records - without ever needing traditional sheet music again.

Bare Essential Keys to Harmony is a 5-module on-demand online course for Chord-Piano beginners that will introduce you to the world of Piano Hacking and show you how to play modern piano arrangements without needing sheets, by Chords, Ear & Heart, using Chords & Patterns.

Using a combination of video, text and exercises, aach included module gradually takes you to the next level. Step-by-step, concise and to-the-point.

You'll internalize each concept in the fastest, most effective way possible.

You'll learn:

  • music's three core pillars (and how to use them to play pop-piano)
  • how to play piano "like a guitarist" - by Chords, Ear & Heart (without ever needing sheets)
  • the structure of all music (and how that info helps you to remember & play anything by heart)
  • how Chord Piano is different from the "traditional" approach (and how it will teach you to play and sound like you want to much faster, with greater understanding and more freedom)
  • how to approach music like a language and learn in the most natural, effective way possible (and play just like Elton, Billy, Stevie or any of your popular musical heroes)


the Chord Piano Framework


Already know the basics and looking to improve your Pop-Piano skills?

Learn how to build any and every Chord, mixed with lessons on HOW to transform Chords into flowing, moving, grooving, embellished arrangements by applying Patterns with our full Chord Piano BluePrint - the complete pop-piano course with a huge saving.


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Bare Essential Keys to Harmony Course
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