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Complete, Self-Paced, Community-Powered Program

How to build any chord, play interesting voicings, maturely color them in the most beautiful, soulful, jazzy, bluesy ways & transform any chord-progression into engaging piano grooves, sophisticated, flowing accompaniments and perk up your arrangements with fills and licks.


(lifetime access to all three courses)

This complete, community-powered program will show you how to play modern piano arrangements without needing sheets, by Chords, Ear & Heart, using Chords & Patterns.

Using a combination of video, text, exercises and live community support, each lesson gradually takes you to the next level. Step-by-step, concise and to-the-point.

You'll internalize each concept in the fastest, most effective way possible.

You'll learn:

  • music's three core pillars (and how to use them to play pop-piano)
  • how to play piano "like a guitarist" - by Chords, Ear & Heart (without ever needing sheets)
  • how Chord Piano is different from the "traditional" approach (and how it will teach you to play and sound like you want to much faster, with greater understanding and more freedom)
  • how to approach music like a language and learn in the most natural, effective way possible (and play just like Elton, Billy, Stevie or any of your popular musical heroes)
  • how to turn standard triads into hip-sounding ear-candy
  • where chords come from and how you can build any of them yourself - without ever needing any reference material again
  • how to actually use scales (hint: not for boring exercises, but to add color to your music)
  • how to get that lush, warm, soulful sound you hear the pros use all the time
  • how to add rhythm & groove
  • how to break-up chords & create flowing arrangements
  • how to phrase chords
  • how to connect one chord to the next with "in between" melodic/rhythmic phrases
  • how to use the given harmonic information to form riffs, fills, licks & melodies

... but most importantly where everything stems from, so that you'll gain a foundational understanding to (re-)create everything yourself in all of your future playing.

After completing this program you'll never need any reference material ever again, and will be able to play your very own rendition for any chord-progression, turning it into a full-blown pop-piano arrangement, by ear & heart.

This program embodies 5-10 years worth of "traditional" piano lessons (would they even teach you this approach - which they don't - the exact same approach that your favorite artists - Elton, Billy, John, Alicia, Jamie, Ray, Stevie, Bruce et. al. - use to sound the way they do without ever needing sheets) that you can finish in mere weeks - a €5000+ value for not even a fraction of the costs. If you're going to invest in yourself to learn and understand music, this will be the best investment you'll ever make.

Money Back Guarantee

Out of thousands of happy students, we have yet to receive the first non-5 star rating.

That's right - I'm not saying we've never had anybody ask for a refund (which we haven't), I'm saying there has been NOBODY who has given this program any less than 5 out of 5 stars.

With that said - if you're that first person who doesn't absolutely love the program, we'll happily refund you your investment within 14 days.

Get this now. There's no risk, except the risk that it will change your life for the better.

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Piano Lingo's Chord Piano BluePrint
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