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Advanced Piano Hacks

Advanced Piano Hacks

Advanced tricks-of-the trade to transform any chord progression into your own uniquely embellished composition. 


Harmonization (which Chord works when & why, and how to use that to create your own compositions), soulful/jazzy ways to extend & voice chords + embellishing with licks & fills.

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The Chord Piano BluePrint

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the Chord Piano BluePrint

the Chord Piano BluePrint


This complete Pop-Piano Plan is a self-paced, step-by-step online program that will show you how to: 

  • Build any chord on the Piano, and voice them in the most beautiful ways
  • Turn any chord progression into a smooth flowing/grooving, embellished piano part, instantly impressing any listener (including yourself)
  • Understand how music works, allowing you to play by anything ear and by heart, copy exactly what you hear on the record or create your very own arrangements

Not *just* a Bundle - Includes

All four self-study courses + three-stage "Roadmap" a step-by-step trajectory, with all concepts mixed in a logical, easy-to-follow flow.


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"likelive"* editions of all bootcamps come included with our "gold" and "platinum" memberships

*LikeLive editions are self-study versions, based off recordings of previous editions. They are still the exact same full courses with everything included, except the interactive components like grading & having to show up at specific times to attend the live workshops.

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