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Advanced Piano Hacks

Advanced Piano Hacks

Advanced tricks-of-the trade to transform any chord progression into your own uniquely embellished composition. 


Harmonization (which Chord works when & why, and how to use that to create your own compositions), soulful/jazzy ways to extend & voice chords + embellishing with licks & fills.


Chord Piano Formula

Bundle & Save!

Get access to the new & updated, complete "Chord Piano BluePrint" program (all four courses combined) + 8-week/month "BootCamp" that helps you implement the entire Chord Piano curriculum.
Chord Piano BluePrint

Chord Piano BluePrint


This complete Pop-Piano Plan is a self-paced, step-by-step online program that will show you how to: 

  • Build any chord on the Piano, and voice them in the most beautiful ways
  • Turn any chord progression into a smooth flowing/grooving, embellished piano part, instantly impressing any listener (including yourself)
  • Understand how music works, allowing you to play by anything ear and by heart, copy exactly what you hear on the record or create your very own arrangements

Not *just* a Bundle - Includes

All four courses + three-stage, step-by-step roadmap with all concepts mixed in a logical, easy-to-follow flow.

PLUS *NEW*: Integrated "BootCamp." An 8-week/month training with clear scheduling, milestone objectives, exercise routines and assignments to complete every week / month to implement the entire Chord Piano curriculum*


or learn more

*the "BootCamp" can be completed either as a 8-week intensive sprint,
or a 8-month thorough deep-learning experience.

Your choice, depending on your available time & motivation.


Chord Piano Mastery Membership

implement & put piano hacking into practice
29 per month
billed every month at €29/month*
  • Implementation Workshops
  • "Like Live" BootCamps
  • Study Schedules
  • Implementation Plans
  • Assignments
  • Practice Routines & Sessions
  • Licks Library
  • Song Breakdowns & Analyses
Monthly Plan

Chord Piano Mastery Membership

implement & put piano hacking into practice
21 per month
billed yearly at €249/year*
  • Implementation Workshops
  • "Like Live" BootCamps
  • Study Schedules
  • Implementation Plans
  • Assignments
  • Practice Routines & Sessions
  • Licks Library
  • Song Breakdowns & Analyses
  • Discounts On Live BootCamps
Yearly Plan

Chord Piano Formula  | Platinum subscription

the  All-Access Plan

Mastery membership + all courses on one inclusive plan


frequently asked questions and answers

In short (and importantly): the BluePrint comes as part of our Platinum Membership.
It's a plan. A trajectory & "success path" that combines all material from all our courses (+ Chord Piano Mastery membership) and helps you implement it on an easy-to-follow, step-by-step weekly or monthly schedule.

The "subject-isolated" courses (e.g. "Piano Chords Magic") are self-study, one-time purchases.

Then, more in-depth:

Playing "Chord Piano" (i.e. approaching music as a language and playing freely without sheets) requires you to learn two things:

  1. Chords (music's words)
  2. Patterns (music's conjugation/pronunciation)

You can go about this in two ways

OPTION 1: First learn EVERYTHING about Chords (a bit like learning ALL words in a new language) then learn EVERYTHING about patterns (HOW to play with those Chords and transform them into pop-arrangements). 

OPTION 2: Mix the two aspects in a more natural flow, by learning a bit about Chords, then a bit about applying Patterns to what you've learned, a bit about Chords again, then some more about Patterns... etc. 

Two routes

1. The Chord Piano BluePrint takes the latter "OPTION 2" and teaches you, step-by-step, gradually more advanced concepts from both ends of the spectrum (Chords & Patterns), mixed.

2. Subject-Isolated Courses take the "OPTION 1" approach by extracting all the lessons that are about a subject from the Chord Piano BluePrint.

  • Piano Chords Magic Course
    All lessons about Chords, extracted from the Chord Piano BluePrint.
  • Pop Piano Patterns Program
    All lessons, extracted from the Chord Piano BluePrint, that are about Patterns.

("Piano Like a Guitarist" is the fundamentals, Chord-Piano-beginners course - learning this fundamental framework is always the first step, regardless of the route you take thereafter. "Advanced Piano Hacks" is the follow up that dives into advanced Chord Piano concepts like licks, improvisation, (re)harm and jazz/soul chord-voicings)

If you're a beginner when it comes to Chord Piano:

→ Start with "Piano Like a Guitarist"
→ Go for our CPF Platinum subscription, to get the full "Chord Piano BluePrint" & get our complete curriculum with all 4 courses included + step-by-step implementation plans & guidance with our Mastery-membership.

If you are NOT a Chord Piano beginner (and can already play some triads, perhaps some basic rhythmic patterns):

  • You've already completed Roadmap 1, 2 or Hack the Piano
    → Pick the next Roadmap from your member's dashboard, or sign up for Chord Piano Mastery.
  • You've not yet completed any of our courses.
    We've set up the "Chord Piano BluePrint" as a complete step-by-step, self-paced program where each lesson is the most logical next step - about Chords, Patterns or a combination of the two - to grow gradually more advanced, so this will always be our no. 1 recommended program. However, everyone has their own preference. Therefore: 
    1. Decide which route feels best to you.
    2. If that's the BluePrint - you'll still get the best Chord Piano deal, even with the more fundamental content from level 1 included - which can serve as a great refresher, plus the added benefit of the Mastery membership that will help you implement everything is simply unparalleled so:
    → Get started with the Chord Piano Formula Subscription
    3. If diving into a specific topic-focussed course sounds better to you:
    * Can you play all chords and extend them up to 7s, but are you struggling to transform them into flowing arrangements?
    → Go for the Pop Piano Patterns Program
    * Can you play some chords/triads, but not able to find any and every chord and not quite sure how to maturely color & voice them?
    → Go for the Piano Chord Magic Course
    * Can you find, build and extend any chord up to 7s and voice them all over the keyboard + are you able to make them come alive with patterns? Are you now ready to take your playing to the next level with Advanced chops, licks, fills and jazz/soul extensions & voicings + diving into (re)harmonization (or have you finished & internalized Hack the Piano)?
    → Go for Advanced Piano Hacks
    * Do you understand- and can you play with Chords + Patterns and want lessons, classes and practice-sessions that help you improve & put everything into practice on real music? 
    → Go for the Chord Piano Mastery Membership

That's correct - it's just a matter of:

  1. How they are structured, arranged and laid out (see question 1).
  2. Whether you want to save with our subscription that bundles everything we have to offer. 
  3. Whether you're interested in our fail-proof, week-by-week/month-by-month "success path" to have a clear plan with objectives for each week/month (included with the BluePrint).

For the rest, they are simply different routes to the same goal.

We advise to decide on your preferred route (way of learning) then sticking to that route. 


Chord Piano Mastery is an "implementation" membership that gives access to our Vault of workshops, BootCamps, licks and other hands-on lessons; practice sessions and scheduling-trajectories to help you put Chord Piano (i.e. what you learn in our courses) into practice. 

It's best seen as an add-on to our courses (helping to indeed implement & put in practice the content from those courses), but it can also be used by people who already know how to play Piano by Chords (a minimum of intermediate level is advised) and want to have lessons that teach them real world application on songs, training and more. 

If you'd like to access the power of this Chord Piano Mastery membership when it's combined & integrated with our courses, forming a synergistic bundle of everything we have to offer, then please consider our all-access Chord Piano Formula Platinum subscription, which gives access to all of our content (All courses + Mastery content).


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