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Please add coen@piano-couture.com and contact@pianolingo.com to your address book to prevent missing any vital info or lessons.

Watch from your desktop or laptop

Even though all the BootCamp's content works on any of your devices, whether that's phone, tablet, laptop etc. we highly recommend to use the largest screen you have available to watch the workshops.

Sessions were held live, which are naturally a little more rough around the edges than scripted, edited & polished videos. To have the best view of what's going on, use your largest screen - preferably a laptop. 

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Clicking the button below will take you to a page where you can set up your profile (if you have not done that yet) and/or activate the OnRamp's content & optionally Roadmap 1 if you took the VIP upgrade.

It will then take you to the "Start Here" section of Piano Lingo, which will tell you all about how our platform works and how to activate your community access.

See you inside!
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