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Learn, step-by-step how to add rhythm & flow to transform Chords into engaging piano arrangements using Patterns

the Piano-Patterns Online Course

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the Hack the Piano

Piano Patterns


How to transform any chord-progression into engaging piano grooves, sophisticated, flowing accompaniments and perk up your arrangements with fills and licks.
Value: €497

A 9-module, on-demand online course that will show you how to take any set of Chords and turn it into engaging, flowing, moving, grooving piano accompaniments using Patterns.

Learn and practice the pattern-concept in the course's "core" modules (red icons), then learn how to combine and put them into practice with Chord concepts from your book in the "Combination" modules.

Grow gradually more advanced in creating your own flowing piano-arrangements from any set of chords.

Be able to take any Chord progression and transform it into a full-blown, unique arrangement by adding movement and flow to it - making it come alive by adding grooves, connecting one chord to the next and perking up your accompaniments by adding fills and licks.

Value: €497
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