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Want to be able to just sit down at any piano and play the actual parts of your favorite artists?

Unique ROLAND-FEATURED Method Shows How Anybody Can Get A Pro Sound Out Of the Piano Within Days In Stead Of Years ...
... Without Needing Sheets

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"The Ultimate Framework For Understanding Music And Playing Anything On The Piano"

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What's in this video-enhanced eBook?

What You'll Get With This Exclusive Offer


Easy to understand, fun to learn!

"Hack the Piano makes music fun, if you want to sit at a piano and play popular music for your family and friends this is the course you want to take!"

Shannon Lee Avess

created by  Coen Modder

Roland-Featured Author & Instructor

Self-taught pianist. Accepted into the Conservatory after just 4 years of playing. Loves to cook, travel, run, do CrossFit, write, read and eat. Taught piano to more than 131,000 students from all over the globe.

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Hack the Piano

The Complete Fundamentals of Pop Piano

Learn to play contemporary piano (pop, soul, funk, rock, jazz, blues, etc.) without sheets - by chords, by ear, by heart.

5-Star Rated

5-Star Rated

"This is most likely to be the best that you'll find when it comes to learning how to play the piano. I've been taught classically for over 10 yrs now but was jealous in seeing a guitarist being able to pick up songs very easily, this method will enable you to that. It's top notch."


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Why Hack the Piano?

Music You Love

With Hack the Piano's unique, contemporary approach, learn how the music you listen to works.


No Sheets - No Frustration

Have you ever seen your favorite artist looking at paper while playing? Exactly.


By Chords & Patterns

(just like guitarists)
Music deconstructed into word-like blocks. Easy to grasp & remember.


Hack the Piano will help you to:

"You took the mystery out of what I hear when I listen to contemporary piano and that’s not to say that your approach is good just for pop piano. I think it’s THE best way to learn piano!"

Featured by one of the world's biggest piano brands

Next to 131,000 students hacking the piano worldwide, Roland now acknowledged it too

"This is THE method to learn how to play piano in any modern style"

Embracing the no-sheets approach

Guitarists have been doing it for ages. It's finally recognized that contemporary piano can be learned more efficiently too


"Coen teaches in a manner easy to understand that makes the student eager to learn more... I love that I get to choose which music I want to learn/play... No matter the reason you are coming to the piano this is the course you want to take."


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FREE Bonus 1 - 26 Song Chord Sheets

26 All-Chords-In-The-Song Premium Chord Sheets
Value: €49

A complete bundle of 26 premium chord-sheets, showing the exact chord-voicings for these popular songs: 

  • Alicia Keys - Fallin'
  • Avicii - Wake Me Up
  • Billy Joel - Piano Man & She's Always A Woman
  • Bon Iver - Stacks
  • Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man
  • Dire Straits - On Every Street
  • Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You
  • Elton John - Your Song & Tiny Dancer
  • James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go
  • Jamie Cullum - These Are The Days
  • John Legend - All Of Me
  • John Mayer - Stop This Train
  • Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop The Feeling
  • Maroon 5 - This Love
  • Mat Simon - With You
  • Outkast - Roses
  • Portugal the Man - Feel It Still
  • Prince - How Come You Don't Call Me & I Wanna Be Your Lover
  • Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely
  • Dr. Dre - Still Dre
  • The Beatles - Lady Madonna
  • The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming
  • Tom Petty - Free Falling

Value: €49
FREE when you get your copy of Hack the Piano today!

FREE Bonus 2 - 12 Practice Beats

Make Improving Your Timing & Groove Fun & Enjoyable
Value: €29

Swap out your boring metronome bleep for these engaging drum grooves and improve your timing like a pro.

Value: €49
FREE when you get your copy of Hack the Piano today!

FREE Bonus 3 - Chord Plotter Templates

Plot Out Any Song's Chord Progression Visually
Value: €29

Use these worksheets to plot out any chord progression, to create your own visual playing reference.

Value: €29
FREE when you get your copy of Hack the Piano today!

FREE Bonus 4 - Hack the Piano Appendix Cheat Sheet Collection

All Major & Minor Chords and Scales, Basic Extensions & Inversions
Value: €79

A downloadable .pdf booklet showing all chords, scales, inversions, extensions & relative connections as per learned in this edition of Hack the Piano.

Quickly reference anything you might not have top-of mind and never wonder about how to play a chord or scale again.  

Value: €79
FREE when you get your copy of Hack the Piano today!

FREE Bonus 5 - the Hack the Piano Launchpad

4-Part Chord Piano Introduction Video Training Series
Value: €97

The ultimate Chord Piano jumpstart.

Get full access to this chord-piano introduction course. A 4-part video training series (following the intro video at the top of this page) that will show you exactly how to get started with playing Chord Piano and play any tune you want within 5 days.

Value: €97
FREE when you get your copy of Hack the Piano today!

Everything You're Getting:

Total Value: €382

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This exclusive video-enhanced ebook edition of Hack the Piano, almost a "course-in-book-form" with 97 short-and-sweet example videos inside, teaching you all about Chords ("what to play") AND Patterns ("how to play it"), normally sells for €79 (or the equivalent in your currency on the iBooks store).

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