Unique No-Sheets Piano Method Reveals..

 Want to be able to play any of your favorite songs by heart & actually sound like the original

NEW Video-Enhanced Book Shows How Pro-Pop Piano players...
... (Elton J., Billy J., Alicia K., Stevie W., John L., Jamie C. etc.) ...
Form Their Amazing Arrangements Without Ever Needing Sheets

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"…if you want to sit at any piano and play popular music for your family and friends-, if you want a basis to create music towards becoming a professional musician-, no matter the reason you are coming to the piano this is the program you want to take."

 (Aspiring) Singers/Songwriters & Accompanists 

We've Uncovered The Ultimate Shortcut To Get That Sound You Dream Of ...
... That EVERY Other Piano Method Neglects

That has the ability to make you play Arrangements that sound like taken straight off your favorite records, by heart, faster than anything else out there

What is Hack the Piano?

Hack the Piano is A SHORTCUT

But the funny thing is - this "shortcut" is the actual way professional musicians think when playing

Hack the Piano is not some "cheap" hack, but is in fact the actual approach that pro pop-piano players use

How would that be... to see what goes on inside the mind of your favorite pianists (Elton, Billy, Stevie, Jamie, Alicia, John... etc.) when they play their amazing piano parts...? 

That's what Hack the Piano shows.

What's in this Video-Enhanced eBook?

Why Hack the Piano?

Music You Love

With Hack the Piano's unique, modern approach, learn how the music you listen to works.


No Sheets - No Frustration

Have you ever seen your favorite artist looking at paper while playing? Exactly.


By Chords

(just like guitarists)
Music deconstructed into word-like blocks. Easy to grasp & remember.


"You took the mystery out of what I hear when I listen to contemporary piano and that’s not to say that your approach is good just for pop piano. I think it’s THE best way to learn piano!"

Hack the Piano shows you how to:

It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You

"This is most likely to be the best that you'll find when it comes to learning how to play the piano. I've been taught classically for over 10 yrs now but was jealous in seeing a guitarist being able to pick up songs very easily, Hack the Piano will enable you to that. It's top notch."
"..a breath of fresh air. Coen offers thorough piano theory along with chord knowledge backed up with superb videos providing visual demonstrations of the subject of the lesson. He also provides wonderful tips for effective practice. This is not work, this is fun."
"Coen teaches in a manner easy to understand that makes the student eager to learn more... I love that I get to choose which music I want to learn/play... No matter the reason you are coming to the piano this is the program you want to take."
"This method has saved me time and effort. It opens a pathway of consciousness into the world of music. Wow I am glad I purchased this and so will you be if you are looking to fulfill your piano dreams. Worth every penny."

BONUS 1: Video-Enhanced

97 Short-And-Sweet Example Videos
Value:  €119 

This ebook is "video-enhanced."

Links to online-hosted, super-short (10-20 secs each) video-examples are littered all over its pages. 

I don't talk in these videos - so they're not full lessons. 

They just very quickly and conveniently show you what you just read in the book.

This means you won't have to imagine how the concepts you read about sound, but have them exemplified to actually see and hear how they're done.

FREE Bonus 2 - Hack the Piano Launchpad

"4-Part Chord Piano Introduction Video Training Series"
Value: €97

The ultimate Chord Piano jumpstart.

Get full access to this mini introduction course. A 4-part video training series (following the intro video at the top of this page) that will show you exactly how to get started with Chord Piano (Piano "like a guitarist") and play any tune you want, within 4 days.

I'll include this... 

Value: €97
FREE when you get your copy of Hack the Piano today!

Everything You're Getting:

Total Value: €245

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Start Hacking

As a bonus, you'll also receive directly-linked-to-from-within-your-book access to 97 super short (10-20 secs each) & clear example videos (€119 value) PLUS the "Hack the Piano Launchpad" 4-part intro series (€97 value).

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