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Calling Out Those That Are Serious About Learning How To Play Piano by Chords, Ear & Heart

Let Me Hold You By The Hand And Show You Exactly How To Study, Practice, Implement, Execute & Learn Chord Piano...

...in just 8 weeks time.

The Chord Piano BootCamp

An 8-week, fully guided training program, demystifying Chord Piano, showing exactly what to do when and how to apply, implement & execute to learn modern piano by ear as effectively as possible.

Learning How Music Works Is One Thing...
But How Do You Actually Implement All That Information?

You need a plan. 

Without it, the process can be overwhelming.

So, how do they do it?

How do pro pop-pianists transform seemingly simple chords into those magical piano accompaniments, riffs and intros?
How do they think? What do they play exactly? And how do they come up with those things?

That is what the Chord Piano BootCamp shows - step by step.

Here's What You'll Get

In this eight-week live BootCamp, based on the Roland-featured Chord Piano Methodology “Hack the Piano” we’ll deconstruct every single little detail of Chord Piano into tangible, manageable chunks.

We’ll demystify music, take out any guesswork and learn exactly what makes pro players sound like pro players - and how you can use these qualities to improve all of your playing.


Using the appraised “Musical Layers”-framework, we’ll dig deeper into gradually more advanced levels each week.
You’ll be shown exactly how the mind and fingers of pro pop-piano players work to learn to understand their approach - allowing you to take those skills into all of your future playing.


With the email accountability course to support you through the journey (making sure you follow through with reminders; exercises, tips), personal assignments and class-like workshops - we've taken out all the guesswork and paved the clearest possible path to playing anything you want in the shortest amount of time possible.


The main workshops, built from 100% scalable content - truly feel like personal classes.
Choosing your own favorite songs to do the weekly exercises and assignments give this program an unmatched personalized touch.


The Chord Piano BootCamp is built around weekly, 90-minute workshops that grow gradually more advanced every week.
Clear, scalable weekly exercises and assignments help you progress and learn as fast as possible.

Music's 6 Layers

In this BootCamp, we'll deconstruct and take a look at how music is built. From 6 layers.
Each of those layers goes gradually deeper into more sophisticated levels of playing. 

The fun part? Learning to work with those layers allows you to scale any tune - either to fit your exact level, or to make it even more interesting than the original. That's improvisation. 

You'll learn not just how to play something in a specific song, but how to use effective musical traits in all of your playing.

Here's What You'll Learn

8 Weeks.
6 Musical Layers.

This step-by-step program is built around live, hands-on workshops where Coen explains, demonstrates and helps you implement the entire Hack the Piano + Advanced Piano Hacks methodology, teaching his famous "6 layers" framework. 

Each week we'll tackle one of music's 6 layers.

Week 1 - Musical Structures

Week 1

Week 2 - Chords & Voicings

Week 2

Week 3 - Patterns, Rhythms & Techniques

Week 3

Week 4 - Implementation (& scales)

Week 4

Week 5 - Extensions

Week 5

Week 6 - Embellishments

Week 6

Week 7 - (re-)harmonization

Week 7

Week 8 - Implementation & Wrap-Up

Week 8

Accountability & Guidance

What's the single biggest hurdle with starting any new endeavor? Bringing up the discipline to follow through. Baked-in to this BootCamp is this fail-proof, step-by-step accountability program.

assignments & Exercises

Complete the assignments, do the exercises, implement the coaching and collect the Piano Linguist certificate when completed.

weekly workshops

In each of these 12, 90-minute+ masterclasses, we'll take a thorough and deep dive into each of the 6 musical layers.

Dedicated online course

Find the recorded workshops, handouts, extra info, materials, lessons and assignments in this dedicated, always-accessible online environment.

Hack the Piano Live
The Chord Piano BootCamp

An eight-week, workshops-based, fully guided training program, demystifying Chord Piano and showing you exactly what to play - and how to apply, implement & execute.

This live training program will help you have success faster

It's not for everybody, but for those of you that are serious about learning how to play piano by Chords, Ear & Heart - this BootCamp will add an unprecedented level of guidance, accountability and structure, over our Chord Piano BluePrint self-study course (with which it perfectly integrates) while demystifying and teaching you the traits of pop-piano's greatest players, adding huge insights to your musical understanding. 

Here's a quick recap of everything that's included: 

Here is everything you'll get:

Total Value €5992

Price: €997
(this live program is no longer available)

We're no longer running this program live. That's the bad news.


That might actually be very good news.
('Cause we've now made it much more accessible)

Get access to the BootCamp's first 3 weeks NOW...

with the

Chord Piano BootCamp OnRamp

Chord Piano BootCamp OnRamp

recorded edition

And get step-by-step help applying, implementing & executing
music's 3 core layers (Structures, Chords & Patterns) ...

... while learning your 5 most favorite songs ...
... in just 21 days

For only a fraction of the original BootCamp's costs

Incredible Value (& Convenience)

Attending the original BootCamp's masterclasses live would have run you between €799 and €1499, with the downside that you'd only truly pick up and remember parts of it, after the class ended. 

Since we have now decided to make this *scalable* program digitally available in streaming format for you to re-watch and re-take as often as you like (scaling-up with every go-round) while keeping all of the live-benefits, the actual learning value and convenience has increased dramatically, while the price has come down significantly (95%!)

Now that’s a deal

the Chord Piano BootCamp

  • 21-Day Training Program
  • Weekly Workshops from Coen
  • Email Accountability Course
  • Weekly Implementation Exercises
  • Weekly Assignments
  • BONUS: 4 Custom Add-On Mini-Courses
recorded ed.