Elton, Billy, Ray, Bruce, Jamie, John, Paul, Alicia, Freddie, Prince, Stevie...

Learn the secrets of your favorite pop-pianists

& Play without ever needing sheets again

A community-powered program that takes you from sheet-dependant,
to Chord Piano Mastery

is this you?

What every (aspiring) singer/songwriter, accompanist & pop-pianist must consider

I hear you

I know How It feels to invest countless hours, Trying to crack the code...
... deciphering Sheet-Music, reading, scavenging youtube ...

... only to find out you don't sound like the "real deal" at all.

Coen Modder

Professional Pop-Pianist
Roland-featured author/instructor

Founder of Piano Couture
Creator of Chord Piano Formula
& the Hack the Piano Methodology

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Coen.

Like virtually everybody, when I started out playing piano at age 4 I was "forced" down the traditional path of learning how to read sheet music too. That didn't work out ...

... and so I quit.

Many years later, at age 17, when I saw my fellow classmates playing like rock-stars at our yearly school concert, I promised myself I was going to learn to play too. So, I went back to that old way of playing from sheet music, which -again- did NOT make me sound like my favorite artists AT ALL... and I almost gave up entirely.

Then, following the guidance of a talented guitarist-friend of mine, I taught myself how to play piano using his approach: by Chords. 4 years later I got accepted into the Conservatory of Amsterdam (major Pop-Piano / Vocals).

Now, over the course of 18 years of playing, I've performed on stage extensively -both solo and in multiple bands- written and recorded with many different artists, became a Roland-featured instructor & one of the top-5 Youtube piano teachers in the world and taught over 135,000 people worldwide how to play piano without sheets.
Hack the Piano is the methodology and backbone of all my playing & teaching.
It's the definitive guide on how I accomplished all of the above without ever reading a single sheet.

Chord Piano Formula is Hack the Piano evolved into a fully guided, Premium Online Training Experience.

It will teach you the exact ways I used to accomplish all of the above and create beautiful piano accompaniments that sound just like those of my favorite musical heroes - Elton, Billy, Stevie - without ever having needed a single sheet.

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That's why I built this Roland-featured system ...
... that has already helped over 135,000 students from all over the world Hack the Piano

What does playing "Pop-Piano" mean to you?

For everyone it’s different…

For some it means being able to just sit down at any piano and "be the piano-(wo)man" - entertaining the crowd, accompanying your vocals or their singing along, blasting out the occasional impressive lick...

For others it means creating your own arrangements, whether for existing songs to make covers and post them to Youtube, or even composing your very own music, in the studio or with a band...

and yet others … are just looking to enjoy yourselves and/or your friends and family in the comfort of your own home.

How to STOP being a slave to sheet music ..
.. & never quite sounding like your favorite artists do.

Dear fellow Pop-Piano-lover, 

If you suffer from “sheet-music-dependance,” “stuck-playing-the-same-old-boring-tunes-inertia” or just have no clue how to listen through the “cloud of sound” that is music and actually reproduce what you hear on your favorite records… 

If you are tired of putting in all that time learning a tune only to find out you are not sounding like your favorite artist at all, or feel insecure and incapable when you do not have your sheet music at hand then this message is just for you. Here’s why…

There is a system you can learn that allows you to play any of your favorite songs within minutes in stead of days, actually sounding like the pianos on the record (because this is the very system actual pro players use themselves) without ever needing any sheet music.

And you need to realize, there is a cost to not dealing with this…

If You Ignore The Fact That Something Is Inherently Wrong With Learning Piano The "Normal" (i.e. Traditional) Way, It Just Gets Worse

What most people do when they try to learn piano and face the fact that they can’t quite get “that sound” of their favorite artist, is take lessons from a certified (but classically trained) teacher… 

... try to find the sheet-music online… 

...maybe scavenge YouTube in search for that perfect tutorial or try every shiny new online course. 

But for most people, none of that works.

  • The primary problem is having the wrong mindset. Thinking that, to play piano, one needs to be able to read sheet music (you don't).
  • Certified teachers are “classically” trained. They have a traditional approach to playing, which is at best decent for learning classical music, but doesn’t work for any pop style (rock, blues, jazz, funk, soul, jazz, hiphop, dance, singer-songwriter etc.) at all.
  • Most of the stuff you’ll find online are gimmicky schemes that are bad for your form and even the way you’ll approach learning music for the rest of your life - stagnating your growth forever.
  • Every half-decent lesson that is out there - that is at least taught by a credible, trained professional - falls back on that dated, traditional system, because that is how piano is “supposed to be taught.” (spoiler: it’s not)
  • Let me ask you this: Have you ever seen your favorite artist look at sheets when playing? Exactly. That’s because they understand how music works - that is what you should be after too.

And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? 

You’ll never understand how those “talented” guys (they are not) are able to just sit down and play dozens of YOUR favorites by heart and sound so fricking awesome.

Nor will you ever be able to play anything like that yourself. You’ll just be stuck fidgeting with those same old sheets, finger-wrestling for weeks on end, to finally be able to play a few boring tunes that nobody enjoys listening to.

How I “hacked” the piano and discovered the secret to sounding like an actual musician.

I’ve got an answer that works. Here’s the short story:

As a child, I went down the traditional, “classical” path too - and failed miserably. 

Abandoning piano entirely out of sheer frustration. After hours and hours of decoding those horrible lines-and-dots-on-paper, having boring exercises crammed down my throat while never seeing any exciting progress. 

I still didn’t sound like my favorite tunes AT ALL - just like you..?

Then, years later, I asked a guitarist friend of mine - who could literally play dozens of songs by heart - how ON EARTH he was able to do that, without needing any sheet music!?

When he told me “you just need to know your chords!” - this got me thinking.

What if I could play “guitar chords” on piano? Was piano really so different...?

Turns out it’s not.

After figuring out how to translate these “guitar chords” to the piano and how to turn them into flowing, moving, grooving piano parts by adding “patterns” (pretty much like those strums and plucks that guitarists use) not only was I suddenly able to learn dozens, even hundreds of my favorite tunes REALLY fast (and play them by heart), but also: I actually sounded like the original records!

Turns out this is actually the “secret” that pro “pop” (think singer-songwriters like Elton John, Billie Joel, Stevie Wonder, Jamie Cullum, Norah Jones, d'Angelo, Ben Folds, Chris Martin -Coldplay-, Tom Odell, Bruce Hornsby, Paul McCartney, John Legend, Alicia Keys etc.) players use to sound the way they do (and enables them even to play tunes on the piano, that are originally played on a guitar!). 

After this exact method got me into the Conservatory after just 4 years of playing, I figured I needed to create a framework out of it to teach people that there is a better way to learn piano.

So I worked really hard to create a system that makes learning piano (and actually understanding music) really simple.

I started testing this system on my students and - although they all had the same amazing experience as I had - because they had to come see me in person to learn it, they were also each paying me a premium of $8000+ per year..

Another downside was that my limited time allowed me to help only a few students at a time. Then I had an idea:

“What if I deconstruct my entire approach the way it had helped me deconstruct music, then mould it into an online-program experience like no other..”

“What if I could create an experience that would be virtually the same as having me there at the piano in person...

...explaining every little nuance to sounding like the big artists - the Eltons, the Billies, the Stevies...

...that could help many more people learn my exact approach, in their very own tempo, on their own schedule...

...and that I could offer for only a fraction of the costs?”

Chord Piano Formula

built on

The Hack the Piano Methodology

Speak Music. By Chords. By Ear. By Heart.

By Chords | Effective Learning

Music deconstructed into word-like blocks. Easy to grasp & remember.


By Ear | No Sheets

Have you ever seen your favorite artist look at paper while playing? Exactly.


by Heart | Music You Love

With our unique, modern approach, learn how the music you listen to works.


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What can Chord Piano Formula


Have you ever dreamed about being able to use the piano with complete freedom - to express yourself

To play anything you feel like, on the spot, and actually sound like your musical heroes.

It might surprise you that this is not nearly as hard as it may seem. 

Not with the right approach, that is.

It requires a few things: understanding, practice, discipline and a clear path to follow.

A plan that tells you exactly what to do and when to do it

Without it, the process can be overwhelming. 

Chord Piano Formula's Bootcamps provides this support - showing, guiding, holding you accountable and making sure you actually follow through. 

It will fast-track your growth and save you years of frustrating trial and error.

What will this teach me?

Chord Piano Formula is created to help singers/songwriters and accompanists: 

And all of this in the fastest- most convenient way possible.

Chord Piano Formula

Finally actually sound like the pianos your favorite records - without ever needing sheets again.


the  Formula's 3 Elements To Pop-Piano


1. BluePrints

Self-Paced Lessons

Gain the knowledge you need.

2. Community

Guidance, Support & Accountability

Never feel stuck or lost.

3. BootCamps

Premium Live Cohorts

Accelerate your progress in 4-6 week sprints.


Step-by-Step Guidance to Pop-Piano Mastery

Chord Piano Foundation

Where you learn to play piano like a guitarist
- by Chords, ear & heart.
Direction Arrows
Stage 1

Chord Piano Core & Advanced

Where you'll transform your maturely-colored voicings, into flowing, embellished arrangements.
Direction Arrows
Stage 2&3

Chord Piano Mastery

Where you'll specialize, put everything into practice & grow pro.
Stage 4

Stage 1

Foundation - The Framework

CHORD PIANO Foundation

learning the framework

what you'll learn


How to Use Music's Building Blocks to Play Anything By Heart

Playing music shouldn’t be so hard to learn. Sadly though, for many people, it forever remains a “cloud of sound.” Structures lift the cloud to show you the fundament hiding below and how to use that framework to quickly learn, remember and play any song by heart.


How to Build, Grab and "Say" Music's "Words"

Most budding pianists don’t sound like the real deal at all, because they approach music on a by-note-basis. Real musicians play by Chords, which is why they sound so full. Chords show you the way real musicians play, using the full harmonic spectrum, which opens the door to playing full and rich-sounding.


How to Add Rhythm and Flow to Your Playing

Unfortunately, for most people, creating flowing piano parts is like trying to speak fluent Chinese - hard, at best. Patterns will teach the building blocks that allow you to turn any set of notes into a flowing, grooving, moving piano part.



how you'll learn

Self-Paced Course

Hack the Piano OnRamp BluePrint

Bite-sized, step-by-step, self-paced video/text/audio lessons for you to easily internalize and apply.

OnRamp Roadmap (hover to scroll)

Community Support

Piano Lingo Pro

Active forums, supportive peers, guidance, access to professionals & teachers, live classes & practice sessions, inspiration channels, Chords AI and done-for-you templates.

Stage 2 & 3

Core & Advanced Hacks

CHORD PIANO Core & Advanced

Deepen your skills

what you'll learn

Colors & Extensions

How to Spice Up and Sophisticate Your Chords

Unfortunately, most chords played on piano still sound bland. Extending & advanced voicing will show you the next phase in voicing, “sophisticating” your chords to take them from juvenile to mature.

Grooving & Embellishing

How to "Perk Up" Your Playing With Licks & Fills

Licks, riffs, fills. Alluring to most and - as nothing but “cheap tricks” - misused by many. These 2 mini courses will show you the correct ways, mindset, origin and application of any type of improvisation - from a quick grace note, to a full-blown solo.


How to Use Music's Building Blocks to (re)Write Music

Expressing yourself through music shouldn’t be a mystery. Sadly though coming up with anything not written on paper remains a guessing game for most people. These 4 mini courses will teach the different value each chord has within a song and how you can use that to your advantage when composing yourself - either when improvising, adapting a known tune, or when writing your own, full-blown songs.

core & Advanced


how you'll learn

Self-Paced Curriculum


Bite-sized, step-by-step, self-paced video/text/audio lessons for you to easily internalize and apply.

Core Roadmap (hover to scroll)
Advanced Roadmap (hover to scroll)


Chord Piano Platinum Bootcamp

6-week intensive, to guide you through the core of the Chord Piano curriculum and transform your playing forever.

Community Support

Piano Lingo Pro

Active forums, supportive peers, guidance, access to professionals & teachers, live classes & practice sessions, inspiration channels, Chords AI and done-for-you templates.

Stage 4

Mastery - The Specialization




Bi-weekly* masterclasses where we analyze real music to see what we can learn, steal and add to our vocabulary for re-use.

Hosted on

The Most Supportive Piano Platform Online

Piano Lingo Pro

the community platform

Brand new platform giving access to live calls with Coen, live calls & workshops vault (recordings of previous live sessions), CoutCam area (animated playthroughs), practice room, premium Chord Piano community and additional member-benefits.
online community

piano lingo pro community

Personalized coaching & guidance so you'll never again:

Live Workshops

Coaching Calls

Practice Sessions

Supportive Peers

Active Threads & Forums

Luminary Classes

"My head has been bursting with ideas since your excellent Hack the Piano. You took the mystery out of what I hear when I listen to contemporary piano and that’s not to say that your approach is good just for pop piano. I think it’s THE best way to learn piano!"

Chord Piano Formula

Finally actually sound like the pianos your favorite records - without ever needing sheets again.

Dedicated Smartphone Apps



iPhone App


Platform App

Nowadays, it's hard to think of things you can't do with your phone.

Still, many platforms rely exclusively on desktop browsers.

Not us. 

We have two dedicated apps to make your life so unbelievably easier, and learning that much more convenient. 

Chord AI Pro

"Shazam for Chords"
find the Chords & their voicings for any song

Chord AI brings the latest deep learning algorithms into your phone to get you the exact chords for any song. Just let your phone listen and Chord AI will tell you the Chords.

How it works:

Chord ai uses recent advances in AI to give you the chords and beats of any song automatically with unprecedented accuracy. You won’t need anymore to look for the chords of a song on the web.

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Piano Lingo Pro Community Platform App

Our own dedicated app for both Android and iPhone to access the full program & community from your pocket.

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Quarterly Live Cohorts

Every quarter we host a LIVE premium program to help you practice, implement and execute - fail proof

no need to go at it alone

Accelerate your progress with 4-6 week sprints


fully guided accelerators

Chord Piano Formula BootCamps

Where you'll transform your maturely-colored voicings, into flowing, embellished arrangements.

Play Like ... Series

Where you'll grow more pro by analyzing your favorite idols and greats - adding their tricks-of-the-trade & skills to your vocabulary.

Specialization Series

Where you'll learn specific skills and stylistic-traits.

Live BootCamps calendar*

Upcoming Cohorts

Sign up today to not miss the next cohort

(past cohorts can never be accessed retroactively)

Chord Piano Platinum BootCamp

Cohort Q1 - 2023 | ENDED

Chord Piano Formula's main, core BootCamp to learn and/or improve on foundational Pop-Piano skills. Intermediate - Advanced levels (scalable).

"Play Like Billy"

Cohort Q2 - 2023

Learn the stylistic traits, tricks and signature techniques from the one and only Piano Man himself - Billy Joel.



Cohort Q3 - 2023

Learn how to form and harmonize melodies & create flowing arrangements. Not just good for walking away with your very own songs (which you will) but also for creating unique renditions of existing tunes.

Play Like ...

Q4 - 2023

Artist to be announced.

Chord Piano Formula

Q1 - 2024

Learn- or improve on foundational Chord Piano skills. Fully scalable program that becomes more interesting with every iteration you complete.


Q2 - 2024

BootCamp to be announced.

*subject to change

Chord Piano Formula

Finally actually sound like the pianos your favorite records - without ever needing sheets again.

It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You

Here’s what Piano Hacking did for me... 

..play anything within minutes, without ever having to decipher any sheet music...

... which has saved me a cumulative years of precious time, not spent slogging, but spent with loved ones ...


...get myself into the Conservatory of Amsterdam after just 4 years of playing (no I’m not that talented - I simply found this better way)...

...write my own music and publish a solo album...

...get collaboration deal offers and my system (this very system) featured by Yamaha and Roland...

...be the “Piano Man” when having the best time singing our favorite tunes at family gatherings...

...find dear friends through playing music...

...hone an amazing creative outlet for relaxation and fun.

And it’s not just me.

Over the past 8 years, thousands of people from all over the world have been learning to play their favorite tunes in no time using my system:

"This is most likely to be the best that you'll find when it comes to learning how to play the piano. I've been taught classically for over 10 yrs now but was jealous in seeing a guitarist being able to pick up songs very easily, Hack the Piano will enable you to that. It's top notch."
"..a breath of fresh air. Coen offers thorough piano theory along with chord knowledge backed up with superb videos providing visual demonstrations of the subject of the lesson. He also provides wonderful tips for effective practice. This is not work, this is fun."
"Coen teaches in a manner easy to understand that makes the student eager to learn more... I love that I get to choose which music I want to learn/play... No matter the reason you are coming to the piano this is the program you want to take."
"This method has saved me time and effort. It opens a pathway of consciousness into the world of music. Wow I am glad I purchased this and so will you be if you are looking to fulfill your piano dreams. Worth every penny."

Piano Hacking Is Perfect For (Aspiring):


Learn how music is built and how to use those building blocks to play and create your very own renditions.


Whether you'd like to play with others in a band, or accompany anyone's singing (including your own).


Understanding music's foundational building blocks will improve your arrangements, hooks, licks and riffs. 

... and all piano-enthusiasts looking to play arrangements like they are actually played by artist like Billy, Elton, Ray, Stevie, Jamie, Alicia et. al. - enjoying themselves, friends or family.

Finally It's Your Turn

Chord Piano Formula, will give you the key to...

  • Playing any of your favorite tunes - finally actually sounding like the piano on the record
  • Breaking free from sheet music - no more hours of deciphering, no more dependence
  • Being able to sit at any piano or keyboard and play what you (and everybody else) actually enjoys listening to
  • Playing freely, flowing, grooving, improvising, by ear, by heart.
  • Learning new tunes in minutes in stead of days.
  • Gaining oceans of time (and piles of cash) - saved on mind-numbing lessons and boring theory
  • Understanding how music works, allowing you to improvise and even write your own music.

That’s right. A skillset that - might you even be able to find the right person to teach it to you - would cost you over $12000 and years of tedious lessons... is yours for only a fraction of that amount.

It all comes as part of the Chord Piano Formula, the complete Hack the Piano online training program, which we used to sell for €999 (and that was without any of the insane bonuses I'm about to include here), but I'm offering it here to you starting at only €399 (nuts).

And you are 100% safe to try it out. That’s all I’m suggesting. Just try it for 14 days to see if it works for you.

If it does, you’ll be delighted - and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen. If for some reason you’re not delighted with all the new musical insights and ideas, the speed you’ll improve, learning the songs you love and the way you’ll make them sound - just like they do on the records - then just let me know and you’ll get all your money back.

Chord Piano Formula

An Online Program With Offline Benefits

Combining the very best of off what apps, online courses & offline music programs have to offer.

Amazing Value

Full Pop-Piano curriculum, live classes, exercises, accountability & coaching - all run in a private, supportive community.
5-10 years+ worth of piano lessons, at not even 1% of the price.

Interactive Lessons

A well balanced mix between Workshops, HD videos, text, multimedia and exercises. Clear, bite-sized and easy to grasp - so you'll make exponential progress.

Exercises & Assignments

Cement your knowledge with step-by-step exercises and assignments - clear, to the point, effective NO guessing.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Always-and-from-any-device-accessible to fit your schedule. Open your laptop, tablet or our dedicated app at the piano, or study on the go using our apps on your phone.

Fully Guided

A clear, step-by-step curriculum guiding you from OnRamp to Pop-Piano mastery.

Questions & Feedback

Stuck? Want feedback? The entire supportive community is here to help. Ask anything and we'll guide you right to what you want to learn and boost your playing confidence.

Fast-Track Your Growth

Whether you are more of a beginner looking to get a full-scope pop-piano education, or a more advanced player, diving deep into chord-piano practice & theory to finally break free from constraints and get that sound you're after - our complete and scalable program will boost any player's progress.

Everything Chord Piano Formula

All the components that make your pop-piano journey truly fail-proof

Chord Piano Formula


Chord Piano Foundation

Self-Paced BluePrint

Full access to the "self-serve" edition of this premium program, that teaches the complete foundational Chord Piano framework.

Chord Piano Core

Self-Paced BluePrint

The core of our premium curriculum with the entire A-Z of Chord Piano in video, audio & text to allow you to play flowing pop-piano parts, by heart.

Advanced Piano Hacks

Self-Paced BluePrint

Learn to create awe-inspiring arrangements, harmonies & licks to sound exactly like your pro idols with these advanced chord piano skills

Piano Lingo Pro


Accountability & Support

Via peer-support, ask anything, sharing, caring, helping, Q&As, office hours & access to Coen

Practice Sessions

Study-with-me sessions to support each other in doing the work. Accountability+.

Live Classes & Workshops


Masterclasses where we analyze real music to see what we can learn, steal and add to our vocabulary for re-use.

Live BootCamps


Every quarter we host a LIVE Premium Program, ranging from "Play Like... " to specialty classes on things like Songwriting, Improvisation etc.


Piano Hackers


Mobile Apps

Our AI-powered "Chord AI Pro" (think:"Shazam for Chords & Voicings") app tells you the exact Chords & Voicings for any song you let it listen to. Our community app lets you access & interact with our entire platform from your pocket.


Done-for-you worksheets & hand-outs.

Member Discounts

Exclusive member-only discounts & benefits.

Select Your Plan

Start Your Journey To Speaking The Pop-Piano Lingo
by chords, by ear, by heart.

Chord Piano Formula

Self-Paced Program
€499 399 one-time payment
  • Lifetime Access to the Full Self-Paced Curriculum:
  • Chord Piano OnRamp BluePrint
  • Chord Piano Core BluePrint
  • Advanced Piano Hacks BluePrint
  • PLUS:
  • Piano Lingo Pro Community - 3 Month License
  • Chord AI App PRO - 3 Month License

Piano Lingo Gold

Premium Subscription
€1599 699 then €499/year
  • Lifetime Access to the Full Self-Paced Curriculum:
  • Chord Piano Formula Foundation BluePrint 1
  • Chord Piano Formula Core BluePrint 2
  • Chord Piano Formula Advanced Piano Hacks BluePrint 3
  • Access to ALL Upcoming Live BootCamps
  • Piano Lingo Pro Community - Unlimited Access
  • PLUS:
  • Chord AI App PRO - 12 Month License
Best Value - All Upcoming Live BootCamps + Full Piano Lingo Access

A final note from Coen

Piano Lingo - the pop-language

Sheet-music was developed hundreds of years ago... 

A time when there were no other ways to record a tune that showed you how to play it (or let you even hear it)

Today, we live in a day and age where music is written, played and recorded differently.

So - why revert to that ancient system, when you want to play pop music and can use modern means to learn?

Why not learn the same approach your favorite pop-musicians use?

That's Piano Hacking..

... a uniquely different system that teaches the actual approach that professional modern musicians use too ...

... an approach built on understanding music's foundational building blocks Chords ("what" to play) and Patterns ("how" to play).

It's much like learning a language - the language of music

Chords = words, Patterns = pronunciation. 

And like with any language, you'll understand and be able to repeat what someone else says (plays). 

P.S. People love it

Before using Chord Piano Bootcamp, I thought music was just a bunch of notes on the page that I had to strenuously decipher in order to play. The Chord Bootcamp taught me to create music within the structure of chords. I learned that chords have patterns and relationships. I now interact with music on a whole new level! 
Piano Hacker
Before coming across your BootCamp, I had been learning on my own for many, many, many years.  All I had to show for it was frustration and a very halted and hesitant sound.   After a few short months, your approach of “Chording” and music theory has replaced all of that with a significant improvement in my freedom, confidence and musicality.   I enjoy every moment I sit at my keyboard.   Thank you for your help!  It’s been a life changing experience.
Piano Hacker
This BootCamp was perfect for those that want to learn the ‘why’ behind their favorite pop songs! As a classically trained pianist, the focus was on the ‘how’ instead of the ‘why’. Now I have a much better understanding of chords and how they move the song where you want it to go. Thanks so much Coen!
Piano Hacker
I can't say enough about how easy to understand, and well put together this program is. I started letting my kids, ages 9& 11, work on this program and ended up having to buy two more keyboards because they were always playing and learning lol
Piano Hacker
..a breath of fresh air. Coen offers thorough piano theory along with chord knowledge backed up with superb videos providing visual demonstrations of the subject of the lesson. He also provides wonderful tips for effective practice. This is not work, this is fun.
Piano Hacker
This is a fantastic way to learn how to play the piano. In the past I have always been frustrated in learning to play the piano until I found Coen and the Hack the Piano Bootcamp.It is an easy to follow method and it is fun at the same time. The lessons are in bite sizes and are easy to understand. It does need commitment and after a short while, you get to play your favourite songs on the piano. Highly recommended.
Piano Hacker
The Chord Piano bootcamp make piano accompaniment accessible without any deep theoretical musical background. It’s accessible but not “simplistic”.
Piano Hacker
If you're looking to learn music in a more dynamic and less traditional way, then this piano bootcamp is definitely for you. It's very rare to come across this type of approach in traditional music classes, and I found it to be incredibly refreshing and inspiring. If you're feeling tired of reading music and like you're in a musical rut (like I was), then this course could be exactly what you need to reignite your passion for the piano. The instructor at the bootcamp is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and he really emphasizes the importance of understanding the foundations and nature of music rather than just learning specific songs. This approach helped me to gain a deeper appreciation for the art of music and feel more confident in my own musical abilities. Overall, I highly recommend this piano bootcamp to anyone looking to break out of the traditional mold and approach music in a more creative and dynamic way. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience for me, and I think it could be for you too.
Piano Hacker
Following this bootcamp has allowed me to progress my playing at my own pace. Although i do not nearly spend enough time practicing, whatever practice i do happen to have is usually on the back of an amazing classic song. This makes practicing chords and chord progressions so much more fun!
Piano Hacker
The advantage the BootCamp afforded me was a crash course on the concepts, tools, rules of thumb, and "tricks of the trade" of pop piano that I can begin to apply on my path forward. A "normal" process would not have allowed me to see that path forward as Coen laid out in a comprehensive manner and yet a very short period of time.
Piano Hacker
I took years of piano lessons but still was unable to play anything without sheet music in front of me. I also could not break down a song and understand how it worked. I have made some excellent strides in this by taking BootCamp.
Piano Hacker
I have tried other courses and I have always ended up giving up, because what I wanted was to play piano accompaniment while I sing. This is the only course that allows you to learn that in a clear and structured way. I recommend it 100%.
Juan Carlos
Piano Hacker
…if you want to sit at any piano and play popular music for your family and friends-, if you want a basis to create music towards becoming a professional musician-, no matter the reason you are coming to the piano this is the program you want to take.
Piano Hacker
This is most likely to be the best that you'll find when it comes to learning how to play the piano. I've been taught classically for over 10 yrs now but was jealous in seeing a guitarist being able to pick up songs very easily, this program will enable you to that. Its top notch.
Piano Hacker
You're doing a FANTASTIC thing here and I truly admire your altruistic approach
Piano Hacker
You took the mystery out of what I hear when I listen to contemporary piano and that’s not to say that your approach is good just for pop piano. I think it’s THE best way to learn piano!
Piano Hacker
It's such a great program, because it is very organized and explains the information in a logical way. It is great because you can repeat the lessons until you get it down completely.
Piano Hacker
"This method has saved me time and effort .. It opens a pathway of consciousness into the world of music. Wow I am glad I purchased this and so will you be if you are looking to fulfill your piano dreams. Worth every penny."
Piano Hacker


Piano Lingo by Piano Couture
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