Hack the Piano

Hack the Piano

The Original Chord Piano Method

Hack the Piano is the ultimate playbook for (aspiring) singers, songwriters, producers & keyboardists; ranging from in-home hobbyists entertaining themselves, friends & family; to professional musicians in-the-making.

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Hack the Piano - Chord Piano

Hack the Piano - Chord Piano

How to Play Chords on Piano

Learn Piano like a Guitarist. By Chords. By Ear. By Heart.
The ultimate guide on how musicians think when playing. Get introduced into the inner workings of music and how this allows you to play anything you want - without ever needing sheets.

Chord Piano Level: Elementary - Advanced


"CHORD PIANO" is currently in development
Hack the Piano - Enhanced Ebook Edition

Hack the Piano - Enhanced Ebook Edition

The Video-Enhanced Chord Piano Method

This Video Enhanced edition is almost like a course in book format. It will teach you about Chords AND - using 97 clear example videos - shows you how to combine those with Patterns to create piano parts without needing sheets.

Chord Piano Level: Elementary - Intermediate


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Hack the Piano Online Courses

<i>the</i> Chord Piano BootCamp

the Chord Piano BootCamp

21-Day Hack the Piano On-Ramp Training

A fully guided and personalized, 3-week online training experience built on the Hack the Piano Methodology that takes you by the hand to show you exactly how to:

  • Practice, Study & Implement the Chords & Patterns framework
  • Understand the secrets to why professional pop-piano players sound the way they do - and implement their tactics to sound the same
  • Apply the Chord Piano strategies & tactics to 5 of your favorite songs and learn to play them in 21 days, without needing sheets

Chord Piano Level: Beginner - Intermediate+


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<small><em>the</em></small></span> Chord Piano BluePrint

the Chord Piano BluePrint

Hack the Piano Online

This complete Pop-Piano Plan is a self-paced, step-by-step online program that will show you how to: 

  • Build every chord on the Piano, and voice them in the most beautiful ways
  • Turn any chord progression into a smoothly flowing/grooving piano part, instantly impressing any listener (including yourself)
  • Understand how music works, allowing you to play by anything ear and by heart, copy exactly what you hear on the record or write your very own arrangements

Chord Piano Level: Elementary - Advanced


Chord Piano Challenge

Chord Piano Challenge

Flagship eight-week, step-by-step, fully coached and personalized online program built on the Hack the Piano Methodology that shows you how to:

  • Be cool

Level: Beginner

<small><em>the</em></small> Play Like Elton BootCamp

the Play Like Elton BootCamp

4-Week LIVE Premium Masterclass

A four-week, workshops-based training program, demystifying Sir Eltons signature piano style and teaching how to transform normal chords into Elton-Piano.

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