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Hack the Piano


The complete, step-by-step & fully guided program that shows exactly how pro piano singer/songwriters make & play their arrangements, without needing sheets.

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"No matter the reason you are coming to the piano - this is the course you want to take." - Victoriana

Some of the secrets you'll learn inside:
Secret #1
The unprecedented "6-Layers" framework - that explains how ALL music is built, and how you can use it to learn to play anything by ear & heart within minutes.
Secret #2
How Chords are music's "words," how to build any one of them on the piano and voice them in the most beautiful, colorful ways - just like the pros do.
Secret #3
How Patterns are music's pronunciation & conjugation and how to use them to transform any Chord progression into a moving, flowing, grooving arrangement.
Are you ready to finally get that dream sound you want?

Understand what makes pro piano singer-songwriters (Elton, Stevie, Billy, Jamie, Alicia, Prince, John etc.) sound the way they do and how you can learn to do the same in just 8 weeks...

... without needing sheets, ever again.

75% Complete
75% Complete
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Hack the Piano LIVE

Hack the Piano LIVE

Chord Piano Formula
the complete pop-piano process
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